WLJ - Opinion https://wlj.net/articles.sec-35-1-opinion.html Mon, 24 Oct 16 00:00:00 -0600 en hourly 1 It’s inflated retail prices, stupid https://wlj.net/article-35-it%25E2%2580%2599s-inflated-retail-prices-stupid.html It’s inflated retail prices, stupid
When the country-fried Machiavellian named James Carville was advising future President Bill Clinton to stay on message and cut to the core worry of voters in 1992, he developed a mantra for the campaign to chant its way to victory: “It’s the economy, stupid.

Too much milk or too much cow? https://wlj.net/article-35-too-much-milk-or-too-much-cow.html Too much milk or too much cow?
It’s the expansion phase for the North American beef cow herd. For most farmers and ranchers, that means finding ways to increase the number of cows rather than the size of each. And of course, everybody’s talking about size— makes sense when you think about the escalating annual cost of keeping an average cow on the place.

There are no easy solutions in the West https://wlj.net/article-35-there-are-no-easy-solutions-in-the-west.html There are no easy solutions in the West
Although it seems like I’m still brand new, November will mark the end of my first year as Executive Director of the Public Lands Council. It will also mark my first time notching 100,000 miles of air travel in a single year....]]>
Losing leverage https://wlj.net/article-35-losing-leverage.html Losing leverage
There was plenty of blame to go around as cattle owners assess their positions in a market that can’t find a bottom. Some advanced the notion that computerized trading in the futures was responsible for the large drop in prices. Others faulted formula selling....]]>
Legally Speaking https://wlj.net/article-35-legally-speaking.html Legally Speaking
Since 1918, the Tax Code has provided for the net operating loss carryover (NOL). It is a fundamental feature of U.S. tax law. According to IRS statistics, in 2014 over 1.2 million taxpayers filed for an NOL deduction, with the average amount being $163,292 for a total amount of $196....]]>
Building beef demand with educational resources for retailers https://wlj.net/article-35-building-beef-demand-with-educational-resources-for-retailers.html Building beef demand with educational resources for retailers
I’ve had many roles over my lifetime, but the one I’m most proud of is the 30-plus years that I’ve spent in the livestock-auction market business....]]>
BQA is my story… what’s yours? https://wlj.net/article-35-bqa-is-my-story%25E2%2580%25A6-what%25E2%2580%2599s-yours.html BQA is my story… what’s yours?
Becoming Beef Quality Assurance (BQA)-certified allows us to share our story and ensure consumers that we are responsibly raising a safe, wholesome, and healthy beef supply. BQA practices show us the best management practices for handling cattle, tending to their health, and taking care of the environment....]]>
Guest Opinion https://wlj.net/article-35-guest-opinion.html Guest Opinion
Never before has the agriculture industry faced as many challenges as we do today, and they are not expected to subside anytime soon. We have all seen the statistics: 9 billion people by 2050. Feeding this increased population will require at least a 60 percent increase in agricultural productivity....]]>
Letter to the editor https://wlj.net/article-35-letter-to-the-editor.html Letter to the editor
In the article on Sept. 23, 2016, “NCBA files for intervener status in checkoff case,” National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) made false statements regarding the beef checkoff audits. Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) would like to set the record straight....]]>
Advocates of ESA abuse continue to stifle reform https://wlj.net/article-35-advocates-of-esa-abuse-continue-to-stifle-reform.html Advocates of ESA abuse continue to stifle reform
Enacted in 1973, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) was intended to prevent the extinction of species through recovery and removal from the threatened and endangered list. However, after more than four decades, the ESA is failing with a recovery and delisting rate of less than 2 percent.

Kay's Korner: Beef faces pork challenge https://wlj.net/article-35-kays-korner-beef-faces-pork-challenge.html Kay's Korner: Beef faces pork challenge
Not many people in the beef industry would prefer a pork chop to a beef ribeye, but consumers aren’t that faithful to one protein or another. While they have preferences, their choice of meat in the grocery store is often determined by price and how much meat their dollars will buy.

Black Ink: Retrospective https://wlj.net/article-35-black-ink-retrospective.html Black Ink: Retrospective
Some of my first assignments included writing about what the “prediction of $4 corn” would do to cattle management and the possibility of camera grading in U.S. packing plants. Many Reiman-authored articles circa 2006 or 2007 talk of “marbling as a lifetime event.

Letter to the Editor https://wlj.net/article-35-letter-to-the-editor.html Letter to the Editor
I appreciate your interest in investigating and resolving unauthorized grazing practices. As the Director of the State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA), I am entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing a 3.

Decreasing markets are a good time to ponder https://wlj.net/article-35-decreasing-markets-are-a-good-time-to-ponder.html Decreasing markets are a good time to ponder
Following is one such note: “I read with interest a recent column of yours dealing with selling calves in the fall at the same weights year after year despite the increasing overall carcass weights. The point of this email, though, is to question what the other alternatives are.

Keeping beef competitive in the protein market https://wlj.net/article-35-keeping-beef-competitive-in-the-protein-market.html Keeping beef competitive in the protein market
As producers, we ask, “Do consumers still want beef?” By volunteering as a member of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, I’ve learned that the answer is, “You bet they do!” Consumer demand for beef remains strong despite marketplace challenges, such as issues around supply and weather.

BQA free certification period announced https://wlj.net/article-35-bqa-free-certification-period-announced.html BQA free certification period announced
The countdown has begun once again for beef and dairy producers to become Beef Quality Assurance (BQA)-certified for free online through Nov. 13. And, as an added bonus, anyone who becomes certified during this period is eligible to win a prize package, courtesy of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

Tax relief companies accused of false advertising https://wlj.net/article-35-tax-relief-companies-accused-of-false-advertising.html Tax relief companies accused of false advertising
Have you heard those scary radio ads by tax relief companies promising to help taxpayers in distress? The ads warn consumers about unexpected IRS bank levies to recover unpaid or disputed taxes.

Selling calves is more than hauling them to town https://wlj.net/article-35-selling-calves-is-more-than-hauling-them-to-town.html Selling calves is more than hauling them to town
The producer may or may not be heavily involved, but the calf buyers are very involved. Buyers know most cattle and have kept track of previous years’ performance. For the most part, the performance history of each load of calves is noted and calls go out to get more calves like those.

The role of basis in trading cash cattle https://wlj.net/article-35-the-role-of-basis-in-trading-cash-cattle.html The role of basis in trading cash cattle
It has been easy to observe the loss of speculative longs in the cattle futures. Futures prices have been volatile and the actual contract construction is flawed and left wanting in order to be an effective tool for use by the industry. Navigating through daily swings can be nerve racking.

Cattle market situation sending signals of need for TPP approval https://wlj.net/article-35-cattle-market-situation-sending-signals-of-need-for-tpp-approval.html Cattle market situation sending signals of need for TPP approval
In a pure and perfect free market, prices for our cattle and calves are determined by the supply of cattle, the value of the beef and byproducts, less the incremental or remaining costs to grow, finish, and transform our cattle into the end products. Prices are also influenced by forward expectations for those values.

Can you afford to sell your calves this fall? https://wlj.net/article-35-can-you-afford-to-sell-your-calves-this-fall.html Can you afford to sell your calves this fall?
About a year ago, I asked, “Can commercial producers afford to sell 7-month-old calves?” and said, “Ponder this!” The point—a big point—is we have 100 to 150 more pounds of carcass on the rail and cow/calf producers still are selling the same weight calves, and for less money.

Simmental Fall Focus https://wlj.net/article-35-simmental-fall-focus.html Simmental Fall Focus
The American Simmental Association (ASA) recently held their annual Fall Focus in Bozeman, MT, which featured the ribbon cutting on their new building. The fourday event included tours of the new headquarters, an educational program, open committee meetings and a board meeting.

Kay's Korner https://wlj.net/article-35-kays-korner.html Kay's Korner

Labor Day historically marks the start of the transition for beef from the summer grilling season to the Christmas holiday season. So it’s instructive to look back as well as forward to see how beef has performed and might fare the rest of the year. The latter will be crucial for the direction of live cattle prices the rest of the year.

Dreams, opportunity make the future https://wlj.net/article-35-dreams-opportunity-make-the-future.html Dreams, opportunity make the future
Sale time often is directly related to the price. And there go dreams. Those childhood memories repeat: How often do we watch the calves go down the road to market and mutter, “There is always next year?” All right, I can feel the reality checkers. Buy low, sell high, but you missed.

All in or how to manage margins https://wlj.net/article-35-all-in-or-how-to-manage-margins.html All in or how to manage margins
The concept is simple and the analysis is the same regardless of the sector of the beef industry; beef producers are margin operators. Similar to other manufacturing businesses, you have inputs and outputs. You have fixed costs and variable costs.

Stop dating your veterinarian and make it official https://wlj.net/article-35-stop-dating-your-veterinarian-and-make-it-official.html Stop dating your veterinarian and make it official
By now, you have certainly heard that changing U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations (VFD, Guidance 209 and 213) will change the way we use antibiotics in the near future. But what does that mean for your ranch or feedyard and what do you need to do about it? The short answer is to get to know your veterinarian, and make it official.

How inelastic is the convenience component of meat demand? https://wlj.net/article-35-how-inelastic-is-the-convenience-component-of-meat-demand.html How inelastic is the convenience component of meat demand?
Depending upon shifting political agendas, many professional and amateur economists (past, present and future) insist that demand is much more complicated, significantly shaped, stretched, and shrunk by realities ranging from country of origin to...

Fighting fires https://wlj.net/article-35-fighting-fires.html Fighting fires

The nonprofit Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) produced an interesting report about the growing wildfire threat last week. They asked the question, “Did larger fires lead to larger wildfire budgets, or larger wildfire budgets lead to larger fires and greater suppression expenditures?”

TAX TOPICS https://wlj.net/article-35-tax-topics.html TAX TOPICS

Contrary to what many agricultural families think, land does not need to be exchanged for other land. You can exchange land into many types of investment property, such as office buildings, rental houses, apartment complexes, storage facilities, retail strip malls, etc.

Indicator cows https://wlj.net/article-35-indicator-cows.html Indicator cows

When you have just enough cows to name them all, it’s easy to characterize them by appearance, temperament and some might even say personality. Kids like to find names to fit. Twister was one of ours 20 years ago, an outlier for poor docility that left no daughters in the herd.