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The USDA announced last week that it was withdrawing a controversial Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) interim final rule (IFR) and that it will take no further action on a complementary proposed rule released in late 2016....]]>
State ag leaders discuss NAFTA https://wlj.net/article-26-state-ag-leaders-discuss-nafta.html State ag leaders discuss NAFTA
Renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAF- TA) is a hot topic. But as things heat up at the federal level, state and provincial ag leaders are trying to keep cool. Last week, delegates from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico were united in their support of NAFTA and the call to “do no harm....]]>
California wild horse territory reinstated https://wlj.net/article-26-california-wild-horse-territory-reinstated.html California wild horse territory reinstated
An “administrative error” that added 23,000 acres to wild horse territory in the 1980s can’t be reversed according to a court ruling. In late September, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia overturned a lower court decision that would have removed the area from wild horse management....]]>
OBITUARY: Dave Hebbert https://wlj.net/article-26-obituary-dave-hebbert.html OBITUARY: Dave Hebbert
Dave was born July 18, 1950, in Alliance, NE, to R.M. “Mose” and Merla (Rex) Hebbert. He graduated from Hyannis High School in 1968 and then attended junior college in North Platte before transferring to Casper College where he graduated in 1971....]]>
Beef Bits: Oct. 23 https://wlj.net/article-26-beef-bits-oct-23.html Beef Bits: Oct. 23
The U.S. Embassy in Paraguay announced Oct. 12 that representatives of the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) presented the results of a risk assessment regarding beef exportation from Paraguay to the United States....]]>
Baleage is very different than other forage-making practices https://wlj.net/article-26-baleage-is-very-different-than-other-forage-making-practices.html Baleage is very different than other forage-making practices
Baleage is made in round-bale and big-square hay packages so some people assume it is very similar to making dry hay. Others assume because the end product of baleage is a fermented wet silage that it is just like making haylage. This is not the case.....]]>
Congress has defined farming in various ways https://wlj.net/article-26-congress-has-defined-farming-in-various-ways.html Congress has defined farming in various ways
A conservation easement (CE) involves placing a permanent restriction on real estate by its owner, usually preventing any development of the property. With farmland, that requires permanently restricting future use via a recorded easement to only farming....]]>
Chute-side vaccine management tips offer efficency guidance https://wlj.net/article-26-chute-side-vaccine-management-tips-offer-efficency-guidance.html Chute-side vaccine management tips offer efficency guidance
inactivate vaccines so keeping vaccines and syringes in a cooler with ice packs while processing is critical during warm temperatures. Low cost vaccine coolers can be made with a plastic bucket and lid or Styrofoam cooler by cutting holes in the lid or side....]]>
Recent NAFTA talks end with “nonstarters” https://wlj.net/article-26-recent-nafta-talks-end-with-%25E2%2580%259Cnonstarters%25E2%2580%259D.html Recent NAFTA talks end with “nonstarters”
The U.S. formally put forward proposals to make changes to Canada’s dairy supply management system and to make it easier for U.S. fruit and vegetable producers to file trade cases due to seasonal Mexican imports that they believe are damaging their industry, U....]]>
Legal Ledger: Oct. 23 https://wlj.net/article-26-legal-ledger-oct-23.html Legal Ledger: Oct. 23
Last Monday, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt signed an agencywide directive aimed at curbing the “sue and settle” behavior that has dogged the agency. “The days of regulation through litigation are over,” said Pruitt in the EPA’s directive....]]>
Producers should treat for lice in fall to avoid winter outbreaks https://wlj.net/article-26-producers-should-treat-for-lice-in-fall-to-avoid-winter-outbreaks.html Producers should treat for lice in fall to avoid winter outbreaks
As livestock producers start planning for fall weaning, pregnancy observation, and vaccinations they often will apply an endectocide treatment for internal and external parasites such as cattle lice. While this practice is efficacious for most internal parasites and horn flies, it does not always completely control a cattle louse problem.

Procedures offer clarity for bull management in multi-sire pastures https://wlj.net/article-26-procedures-offer-clarity-for-bull-management-in-multi-sire-pastures.html Procedures offer clarity for bull management in multi-sire pastures
Before the fall breeding season begins, a few simple management procedures involving the bulls can increase the likelihood of a high pregnancy percentage among the cows. • In multi-sire breeding pastures, make certain that the bulls that will be pastured together have been in a common trap or pasture prior to the breeding season....]]>
Using wheat pasture as a winter supplement for cows https://wlj.net/article-26-using-wheat-pasture-as-a-winter-supplement-for-cows.html Using wheat pasture as a winter supplement for cows
Assuming more fall rainfall comes to the Southern Plains, wheat pasture will again be a key source of protein and some energy for many cow herds in this part of the United States. If that rainfall occurs, grazing of wheat usually will start in late November or early December....]]>
U.S. Beef China Roadshow called a success https://wlj.net/article-26-us-beef-china-roadshow-called-a-success.html U.S. Beef China Roadshow called a success
An initial and ambitious step toward developing demand for U.S. beef in China was taken recently as the U.S. Beef China Roadshow—a week-long series of events organized by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF)—brought exporters and importers together in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

California's fires continue to rage https://wlj.net/article-26-californias-fires-continue-to-rage.html California's fires continue to rage
Other large fires included the Tubbs Fire (34,270 acres) north of Santa Rosa in Sonoma and Napa counties, and the Redwood Valley Fire (30,000 acres) in Mendocino County. All three big fires had very little containment. The Tubbs Fire was the most contained at 10 percent.

NBQA applauds dairy industry contribution https://wlj.net/article-26-nbqa-applauds-dairy-industry-contribution.html NBQA applauds dairy industry contribution
“Almost on all fronts you can name, they’ve done a better job in helping us address some of the quality defects that were entering the production chain. I told them last week in Madison, ‘Hey, I’m proud of you guys. You’re doing a good job.’”...]]>
Beef Bits: Oct. 16 https://wlj.net/article-26-beef-bits-oct-16.html Beef Bits: Oct. 16
In Pete Crow’s Comments column last week (“Friend or Foe” in the Oct. 9 issue), he wrote that the Oklahoma Beef Council is audited every year by the Cattlemen’s Beef Board. This was incorrect. A thirdparty accounting firm annually audits the Oklahoma Beef Council....]]>
OBITUARY: Mac McCalmant https://wlj.net/article-26-obituary-mac-mccalmant.html OBITUARY: Mac McCalmant
Robert J. (Mac) McCalmant left his family and friends on Sept. 16 for Cowboy Heaven, passing peacefully in his sleep. That’s only the end of the story. The best part of the story happened in the 87 years he blessed us all by being such a wonderful part of our lives....]]>
How does early weaning impact replacement heifers? https://wlj.net/article-26-how-does-early-weaning-impact-replacement-heifers.html How does early weaning impact replacement heifers?
Salverson referenced research conducted at the SDSU Antelope Range and Livestock Research Station in northwestern South Dakota that confirms heifers can be early weaned on pasture with a supplement and have similar gains as their mates that stay on the cow....]]>
Longer grazing season can reduce costs https://wlj.net/article-26-longer-grazing-season-can-reduce-costs.html Longer grazing season can reduce costs
“One good strategy is to rest native pastures through the fall and use crop residue, cover crops or tame pastures until dormancy occurs on native range in winter,” he said. “Many native grasses cure well and can be used as an excellent source of standing forage through the winter....]]>
Senate Finance considers agriculture negotiator https://wlj.net/article-26-senate-finance-considers-agriculture-negotiator.html Senate Finance considers agriculture negotiator
Greg Doud, President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the chief U.S. agriculture trade negotiator, promised to “not go backwards” in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiations during his recent confirmation hearing in the Senate Finance Committee....]]>
U.S. House approves budget https://wlj.net/article-26-us-house-approves-budget.html U.S. House approves budget
After the vote, Budget Committee Chair Diane Black (R-TN) issued the following statement: “I am proud that the House supported a budget that reflects responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars and reassures the American people that we are committed to effective governing....]]>
OK beef checkoff questioned https://wlj.net/article-26-ok-beef-checkoff-questioned.html OK beef checkoff questioned
The OCM alleges the Oklahoma Beef Council has illegally become involved with the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association in promoting a “yes” vote on a proposed $1 state checkoff program by using the federal checkoff logo on a website and Facebook page. The proposed Oklahoma checkoff is set for a Nov....]]>
Forages can be hazardous after freeze https://wlj.net/article-26-forages-can-be-hazardous-after-freeze.html Forages can be hazardous after freeze
breakage allows the chemicals that form prussic acid, which is also called cyanide, to mix together and release this poisonous compound rapidly. Livestock eating recently frozen sorghums can get a sudden, high dose of prussic acid and potentially die. Fortunately, prussic acid soon turns into a gas and disappears into the air....]]>
Proper cow culling important to operation https://wlj.net/article-26-proper-cow-culling-important-to-operation.html Proper cow culling important to operation
The most recent Market Cow and Bull Audit has shown that the beef industry has made significant improvements in proper cow culling over the past 20 years. Nonetheless, ranchers need to make certain that cow culling continues to be done properly and profitably....]]>
Iowa auctioneer to compete for title https://wlj.net/article-26-iowa-auctioneer-to-compete-for-title.html Iowa auctioneer to compete for title
Jared Miller, Leon, IA, was named Champion at the 2018 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship (WLAC) Western Regional Qualifying Event Sept. 30. The auctioneering contest was hosted by Imperial Auction Market, Imperial, NE, and was the first of three qualifiers.

BLM eyes sage-grouse plan https://wlj.net/article-26-blm-eyes-sage-grouse-plan.html BLM eyes sage-grouse plan
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced on Oct. 5 that it is opening a public comment period to review sage-grouse management plans. The bureau said it will explore potential amendments to land-use plans to help improve conservation of the bird and to strengthen communication and collaboration between states and the federal government.

Tax reform blueprint is revealed https://wlj.net/article-26-tax-reform-blueprint-is-revealed.html Tax reform blueprint is revealed

A statement from the White House announcing the “Unified Framework for Fixing Our Broken Tax Code” said the Trump administration, the House Committee on Ways and Means, and the Senate Committee on Finance developed the plan to achieve pro-American, fiscally responsible tax reform.

Calculated culling a must https://wlj.net/article-26-calculated-culling-a-must.html Calculated culling a must

Many people recommend deep culling every year, but these recommendations are more suitable for seedstock herds rather than commercial herds. A lighter touch is appropriate for commercial herds because once a cow enters the herd, the producer has made an investment that takes years to recoup.

There are not enough Intermountain ranches https://wlj.net/article-26-there-are-not-enough-intermountain-ranches.html There are not enough Intermountain ranches

Total farm real estate value—including land, machinery and buildings—for the Intermountain states saw a lot of no change. The largest gain was seen in Idaho with a 4 percent overall increase. Colorado saw the lowest overall increase at 0.7 percent..