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Though mid-week cash prices fell to $129-133 live following the Fed Cattle Exchange, by Thursday, live prices increased slightly to $130-136. Dressed prices on Thursday were $206-210. Despite this minor intra-week recovery in the cash prices, they were generally steady with the prior week’s trade and down from recent week’s.

Bill sets up water rights fight https://wlj.net/article-26-bill-sets-up-water-rights-fight.html Bill sets up water rights fight
rights have sounded the alarm for all non-federal water users that rely on these water rights for their livelihood. The Water Rights Protection Act is commonsense legislation that provides certainty by upholding longstanding federal deference to state water law....]]>
Trump releases his 2018 budget https://wlj.net/article-26-trump-releases-his-2018-budget.html Trump releases his 2018 budget
The plan proposes to cut $3.6 trillion in federal spending over the next 10 years while making major increases in defense spending and border security. And, as outlined in his blueprint budget released in March, agriculture is set to take a financial hit....]]>
USDA offers coverage for whole operation https://wlj.net/article-26-usda-offers-coverage-for-whole-operation.html USDA offers coverage for whole operation
“The Whole-Farm Revenue Protection policy came out in 2015 and it essentially is a whole-farm policy as is indicated by the name. It covers revenue from the sale of commodities on the producer’s whole farm. And ‘commodities’ includes crops and livestock,” explained Dave Paul, vice president of underwriting with QBE NAU Crop Insurance....]]>
Obituary: Dan Daniel https://wlj.net/article-26-obituary-dan-daniel.html Obituary: Dan Daniel

Dr. O’Dell G. “Dan” Daniel passed away at his home on May 18, 2017. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard DeForest and Martha Ann White Daniel. Born in Paris, AR, he attended public school there, graduating from Paris High School in 1940. Following his graduation from Arkansas State Teachers College, he served in the Armed Forces during World War II.

Storing large round bales https://wlj.net/article-26-storing-large-round-bales.html Storing large round bales

The hay was cut and baled in June in Moore County, TN. The bales were weighed at the time of harvest and storage. Then they were weighed again the following January at the time of winter feeding. The following table lists the type of storage and the resulting percentage hay loss.

A WFRP example https://wlj.net/article-26-a-wfrp-example.html A WFRP example

Rancher Joe mostly grows alfalfa and corn, but has a small cattle operation and a small manure composting operation as well. His primary revenue sources are selling his feed corn and alfalfa hay, but he also direct markets the beef from his cattle in his community, and sells the composted manure to the local nursery.

Group: Strong desire for U.S. beef in China https://wlj.net/article-26-group-strong-desire-for-us-beef-in-china.html Group: Strong desire for U.S. beef in China

The USMEF held a press call last Wednesday to update reporters on various markets. Most of the discussion revolved around what the expectations are for China. Joel Haggard, senior vice president for the group, said there is “intense buying interest” for U.

USDA revises Angus certification requirements https://wlj.net/article-26-usda-revises-angus-certification-requirements.html USDA revises Angus certification requirements

In response to a request from beef industry stakeholders, the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is revising the live Government Live Animal (GLA) specification used for all Angus certified programs to provide more objective phenotypic (visual) criteria for identifying eligible cattle.

Income from farming larger on larger farms https://wlj.net/article-26-income-from-farming-larger-on-larger-farms.html Income from farming larger on larger farms

In 2015, farm households had a median total income of $76,735 per household—a third greater than that of all U.S. households ($56,516). Median total household income increased with farm size, with the median income of households operating small family farms approximating the U.S.

Lamb markets show importance of mandatory price reporting https://wlj.net/article-26-lamb-markets-show-importance-of-mandatory-price-reporting.html Lamb markets show importance of mandatory price reporting

He said that ASI was working with USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) in an effort to keep within the confidentiality requirements but still get market numbers reported. Not reporting weight data, lagging weight data a week, or combining some weight categories have all been recommendations to deal with the potential confidentiality conflicts.

NMSU shows new landowners how to use fire https://wlj.net/article-26-nmsu-shows-new-landowners-how-to-use-fire.html NMSU shows new landowners how to use fire

Unlike other management tools such as tree cutting or herbicide spraying, burning is not a surrogate for some other disturbance. Rather, it is a natural process that can be used to influence vegetation toward a specific objective, such as reduced brush cover.

Consider implants for suckling calves https://wlj.net/article-26-consider-implants-for-suckling-calves.html Consider implants for suckling calves

Implants are small pellets applied to the middle third of the back of the ear. A variety of implant products are designed for use during the nursing, growing and finishing stages in beef cattle production. They contain naturally occurring or synthetic hormones that increase the efficiency of feed use and stimulate muscle growth.

Getting cows in synch: Synchronization protocols for cows https://wlj.net/article-26-getting-cows-in-synch-synchronization-protocols-for-cows.html Getting cows in synch: Synchronization protocols for cows

The protocols are outlined for step-by-step instructions of how to carry out each synchronization protocol, detailing the number of days required for each protocol, products needed and timing for each step. The 2017 protocols can be viewed online at http://beefrepro.

Legal Ledger https://wlj.net/article-26-legal-ledger.html Legal Ledger

Last Tuesday saw Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-1) introduce H.R. 2603. The bill seeks to amend the Endangered Species Act (ESA) “to provide that nonnative species in the United States” are not protected by the ESA. As of press, Gohmert’s office did not have full text of the bill available.

Opinion is not just wanted; it’s needed https://wlj.net/article-35-opinion-is-not-just-wanted-it%25E2%2580%2599s-needed.html Opinion is not just wanted; it’s needed
A constant drum beat in ag today is the call for ranchers to get involved. “Tell your story!” you’re told. But it can get overwhelming, particularly given the sheer volume of places and ways you can do that, not to mention the needs of running your operation....]]>
BeefTalk: Proactive cow penning https://wlj.net/article-35-beeftalk-proactive-cow-penning.html BeefTalk: Proactive cow penning

Selling this group creates opportunity for the remaining herd by lessoning the demands on the operation. Life does not always go the direction that we want. And so, there may be truth in the saying, “one person’s loss is another person’s gain.” But with good planning, both should gain, even if the challenge was not desired.

Trim market takes off https://wlj.net/article-14-trim-market-takes-off.html Trim market takes off
On Oct. 12, 2016, 50 percent (chemical lean fresh) trim set its recent low of $31.62/cwt., roughly half of what prices were during the height of the “pink slime” controversy in 2012. Since then, the market gained impressively, setting a new record with a national weighted average of $203.

Down markets are upon us https://wlj.net/article-14-down-markets-are-upon-us.html Down markets are upon us
“Look for choppy trade to continue, with rallies limited by a weaker cash trend and the expectation of a sharp decline in beef cutout values,” warned Andrew Gottschalk of Hedgers Edge last Tuesday.

USDA moves to advance ag trade https://wlj.net/article-26-usda-moves-to-advance-ag-trade.html USDA moves to advance ag trade
Perdue issued a memorandum (http://tinyurl.com/Trade-Memo) explaining the realignment and renaming of positions and agencies at USDA.

U.S. beef to China by July https://wlj.net/article-26-us-beef-to-china-by-july.html U.S. beef to China by July
Late on the evening of Thursday, May 11, the Department of Commerce released an announcement that China will open to U.S. beef no later than July 16, 2017. The next day was flooded with announcements of appreciation and excited projections of the future.

Beef bits https://wlj.net/article-26-beef-bits.html Beef bits
Verde Farms, based in Boston, MA, and a provider of 100 percent grass-fed and free-range beef, recently announced it has acquired Estancia Beef, the import division of El Raigon Natural Beef based in Petaluma, CA. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed....]]>
Legal Ledger https://wlj.net/article-26-legal-ledger.html Legal Ledger
President Donald Trump nominated long-time Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad to be the U.S. ambassador to China and it was expected that the Senate would vote to confirm him last week. According to reports, the Senate is likely to confirm Branstad due in part to his long-standing relationship with China and agricultural acumen....]]>
BREAKING: New Trade Rep. talks NAFTA https://wlj.net/article-26-breaking-new-trade-rep-talks-nafta.html BREAKING: New Trade Rep. talks NAFTA
USTR Robert Lighthizer being sworn in on May 15USTR official photoThe newly-minted U.S. Trade Representative lost no time on honeymoons. Just three days after he was sworn in, Robert Lighthizer jumped...]]>
Beef talk: Ponder this—$2,000 each for your steer crop https://wlj.net/article-35-beef-talk-ponder-this%25E2%2580%2594%25242000-each-for-your-steer-crop.html Beef talk: Ponder this—$2,000 each for your steer crop
Although some would say this is premature, now actually is the time to start thinking about cash flow and income the 2017 calf crop will generate. Many opportunities in the beef business exist when time is taken to explore, discuss and plan for them.....]]>
Guest opinion: Getting it right—A new approach to ag biotech https://wlj.net/article-35-guest-opinion-getting-it-right%25E2%2580%2594a-new-approach-to-ag-biotech.html Guest opinion: Getting it right—A new approach to ag biotech
Now, with $3 million allocated as part of the recent government funding bill, the Food and Drug Administration plans to launch a public outreach campaign regarding the benefits of agricultural biotechnology and biotech crops....]]>
Black Ink: Are we there yet? https://wlj.net/article-35-black-ink-are-we-there-yet.html Black Ink: Are we there yet?
I understand why it’s tempting for cattlemen to ask, “Do we have enough quality? Can we start selecting for something else?” Not yet, says the data. Let’s take just take the Prime grade for example. For the last decade, the average annual spread between Select and Prime ranged from $25 to $50/ cwt....]]>
Your beef checkoff https://wlj.net/article-35-your-beef-checkoff.html Your beef checkoff
We’ve all heard the old saying about the uselessness of closing the barn door—or the gate—after the cows get out....]]>
How will the 2017 budget impact ag? https://wlj.net/article-14-how-will-the-2017-budget-impact-ag.html How will the 2017 budget impact ag?
Compared to the 2016 appropriations bill, most line items dealing with agencies and programs important to agriculture and public lands were steady or slightly up. But there are a couple interesting trends in the new bill. Most notably, line items related to land acquisition by federal agencies were overwhelmingly down.

Cattle futures drop after dizzying rally https://wlj.net/article-14-cattle-futures-drop-after-dizzying-rally.html Cattle futures drop after dizzying rally
Cash fed cattle had taken a hit last week. Over 77,000 head had been confirmed sold by Thursday at live prices of $135-140 down $4-12 compared to the prior week. Dressed prices were a different matter however. The roughly 26,000 head that sold by Wednesday saw dressed prices of $220-224, however, by close of trade Thursday, those prices.