WLJ - Blogs https://wlj.net/blog Sun, 24 Sep 17 00:00:00 -0600 en hourly 1 Changing of the guard https://wlj.net/blog-14647-changing-of-the-guard.html Changing of the guard
Pete CrowAgriculture as an industry has been conservation-minded since the get-go. With the changing of the guard at Department of Interior and USDA, we have changed the direction of the former ...]]>
Calf prices remain strong https://wlj.net/blog-14608-calf-prices-remain-strong.html Calf prices remain strong
Pete CrowIt looks like the fed cattle markets are trying to bottom out. Cash trade is at $105. Reports continue to show that current market-ready supplies of fed cattle are lower that they were a ...]]>
Fix the horses https://wlj.net/blog-14579-fix-the-horses.html Fix the horses
 A feral foal tries to suckle an emaciated mare on an overpopulated Nevada HMAPhoto by Nevada BLMSeveral weeks ago, Utah State University hosted the Wild Horse and Burro Summit in Salt Lake Cit...]]>
Mother Nature strikes again https://wlj.net/blog-14559-mother-nature-strikes-again.html Mother Nature strikes again
It’s been a wild summer of weather events for the livestock industry. On one side of the country you have extreme, dry weather and wildfires forcing cattlemen to liquidate herds, and...]]>
Ditch the rule https://wlj.net/blog-14535-ditch-the-rule.html Ditch the rule
Did you submit your comments? If not, you still have time. The official comment period to repeal the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS)— a.k.a. the “Clean Water Rule” proposed by the Environmental P...]]>
Mitigate your risk https://wlj.net/blog-14515-mitigate-your-risk.html Mitigate your risk
This issue of the Western Livestock Journal contains the annual Commercial Cattle Issue (CCI). Each summer, we publish this magazine just ahead of the fall bull and production sales and this year...]]>
Record-setting prices not required https://wlj.net/blog-14500-record-setting-prices-not-required.html Record-setting prices not required
How the markets have changed in just one short year! The last couple of weeks have seen a lot of cattle being contracted through various video markets. Most of the major video auctions held large...]]>
Justice for R-CALF https://wlj.net/blog-14478-justice-for-r-calf.html Justice for R-CALF
Pete CrowThe beef checkoff has been a contentious issue for some. I say “some” because they are the same people— and the same groups—who have been challenging the existence of the beef che...]]>
Battle lines in cattle country https://wlj.net/blog-14459-battle-lines-in-cattle-country.html Battle lines in cattle country
If you usually start reading the WLJ opinion page with the editorial comments, I urge you to read Kendal Frazier’s “Unholy Alliances” and Bill Bullard’s response to it first. The big �...]]>
Mandatory ID https://wlj.net/blog-14443-mandatory-id.html Mandatory ID
Pete CrowIt appears that a national animal identification system may be coming back around. A mandatory animal ID program was pitched five or six years ago by the USDA but was soundly rejected by ...]]>
Asleep at the wheel https://wlj.net/blog-14429-asleep-at-the-wheel.html Asleep at the wheel
Pete CrowExport trade is critical for U.S. agriculture. If we don’t get in the game, it could be bad for farms and ranches. Last week the European Union (EU) and Japan announced a free trade agre...]]>
The heat is on https://wlj.net/blog-14404-the-heat-is-on.html The heat is on
Pete CrowThe Fourth of July is over and we’re officially in the long hot summer doldrums for beef sales, at least conventional wisdom and history would suggest. But things are a little different...]]>
An explosion of beef news https://wlj.net/blog-14383-an-explosion-of-beef-news.html An explosion of beef news
Big industry moves came rapid-fire last week just in time for the Fourth of July. First off, Beef Products Incorporated (BPI) settled their defamation suit against American Broadcasting Corporatio...]]>
Business in Brazil https://wlj.net/blog-14364-business-in-brazil.html Business in Brazil
Business in BrazilThis situation with JBS SA, the world’s largest meat packer, and J&F investments and the Brazilian government is getting out of control to say the least. It’s getting hard to...]]>
China's open... now what? https://wlj.net/blog-14347-chinas-open-now-what.html China's open... now what?
Pete CrowWhat a difference a deadline makes. Resuming beef trade with China has been on the minds of cattlemen since we were shut out in 2003. In the past, they were just conversations about reope...]]>
Wonderful Wyoming https://wlj.net/blog-14319-wonderful-wyoming.html Wonderful Wyoming
Wyoming has never looked better! We just completed our annual WLJ Ranch Tour in the Cowboy State. Ample moisture has blessed the state and it was about as green as Wyoming gets; grass conditions w...]]>
Have your voice heard https://wlj.net/blog-14312-have-your-voice-heard.html Have your voice heard
I had the pleasure of joining my state cattlemen’s association for their mid-year meeting this past week in Montana. These meetings provide an invaluable opportunity to find out the latest issues pr...]]>
Real change https://wlj.net/blog-14298-real-change.html Real change
Pete CrowNow that President Donald Trump has produced his first budget, it appears that he has angered just about every special interest group in the country. It looks as though no stone was left untu...]]>
China is coming https://wlj.net/blog-14279-china-is-coming.html China is coming
China is big. Can you imagine 1.4 billion new customers having the opportunity to buy U.S. grain-fed beef? When the market was closed to U.S. beef producers in 2003 because of the mad cow—BSE�...]]>
Missed Opportunity https://wlj.net/blog-14267-missed-opportunity.html Missed Opportunity
Pete CrowCash fed cattle found their spring top two weeks ago as the market touched $148. Since that point, the futures markets have been in an absolute free fall with the May contract losing arou...]]>
A market to behold https://wlj.net/blog-14251-a-market-to-behold.html A market to behold
Pete CrowLooks like everyone missed this market rally. We’ve found a dynamic that I don’t think we’ve ever seen before. That is the dynamic between futures markets and the cash market and th...]]>
Value added https://wlj.net/blog-14226-value-added.html Value added
Pete Crow There was a lot of news coming from the packing industry last week.Cargill announced that they were going to sell two more feedlots—Yuma, CO and Leoti, KS—to Omaha-based Green Plain...]]>
PLC Insight https://wlj.net/blog-14183-plc-insight.html PLC Insight
Pete CrowEthan Lane and Marci Schlup, who run the Public Lands Council (PLC), stopped by our offices last week for a visit to fill us in on all the news going on in the public lands arena in Washi...]]>
Waiting for our pitch https://wlj.net/blog-14175-waiting-for-our-pitch.html Waiting for our pitch
Plenty of headlines have come out of Washington D.C. since the inauguration three months ago, but none have been more beef friendly than the news released April 10. President Donald Trump met w...]]>
Global trade https://wlj.net/blog-14159-global-trade.html Global trade
Pete CrowTrade has been the talk of the past few weeks, especially meat trade out of Brazil. It appears that Brazil has some image problems to straighten out after their inspection fiasco. Many co...]]>
Strong market https://wlj.net/blog-14142-strong-market.html Strong market
Pete CrowWhen was the last time you saw cattle markets rise with growing production? That’s what we’re seeing today. Selling more beef for more money is a rare sight in the beef industry. Mark...]]>
Brazil corrupted again https://wlj.net/blog-14122-brazil-corrupted-again.html Brazil corrupted again
Raw beef is ground into a bowl. While Brazil does ship relatively small volumes beef to the U.S., none of it was implicated in the ongoing scandal. Most of the beef the U.S. receives from Brazil goes ...]]>
Meddlesome https://wlj.net/blog-14100-meddlesome.html Meddlesome
A gray wolf.Photo courtesy of the National Park ServiceWolves are back in the news, and this time it’s California. Imagine that. A couple weeks ago the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) filed a sui...]]>
CAFOs under fire https://wlj.net/blog-14061-cafos-under-fire.html CAFOs under fire
Pete CrowNon-governmental organizations (NGOs) seem to be the bane of our political existence in agriculture these days. There is some kind of NGO supporting just about any cause your heart desire...]]>
Reversal of fortune https://wlj.net/blog-14013-reversal-of-fortune.html Reversal of fortune
Pete CrowThe District court of Nevada dealt the final death blow in the long-running Wayne Hage grazing dispute and once again reinforced who owns the federal lands in the West. Last week Chief Ju...]]>