Cargill correction

May 9, 2014
by WLJ

Last week’s Beef Bits—May 5 issue—included one titled, “Cargill hopes to expand CA plant,” which described supposed plans to expand its Fresno plant. It was brought to our attention that the information it contained was not accurate, with Cargill calling the information out of date, premature or inaccurate.

Cargill’s Director of Communications, Michael Martin, told WLJ that the original information came from the Fresno Business Journal, a report that combined very general information gained from recent communications with Cargill with old information in a year-old conditional use permit submitted to Fresno County.

“Securing a conditional use permit is a requirement in the Fresno area and one of the first steps necessary prior to Cargill considering funding such investments, but it does not necessarily guarantee the projects will be approved by Cargill and carried through to fruition,” he explained.

When asked what Cargill’s actual plans are regarding the plant’s future, Martin offered some plans but could not be overly specific.

“Our intent is to continue harvesting cattle and processing beef at Fresno. Should the county approve the conditional use permit, Cargill will determine the path forward regarding any future investments. Decisions to invest for potential growth of our business are made taking into account the local, state and federal regulatory environment, business considerations, the local political atmosphere, drought, financial considerations and other factors. Approval of the county conditional use permit is the first step.”

He pointed out that the permit decision will likely come later this month, and could not speculate on the path forward until the decision is known.

Our apologies to our readers for this error. It is our goal to bring you the best, most up-to-date information on the beef world as possible. — WLJ Editors