Letters to the Editor

Apr 25, 2014
by WLJ

Tax paying terrorists

(RE: Range war controversy, cover March 14) According to Harry Reid, anyone who objects to government overreach is a terrorist.

Every rancher or farmer fears losing his property or water rights to the Endangered Species Act. The Endangered Species Act is a tool to control the land. Fish & Wildlife decides on the rules and then the BLM has to enforce them. Fish & Wildlife may think they are helping the land and the animals, but they are really hurting them. Sadly, very few of the endangered species have ever been helped, even after years of trying. Mother Nature’s rule is survival of the fittest. Taking cows off the land hasn’t increased the desert tortoise population. The real problem is predators, such as coyotes and ravens.

The Endangered Species Act is the problem with the Bundy situation. Ranchers and farmers have been persecuted for years over control of food production. Ranchers are the best tool for protecting an endangered species. They could double the tortoise population in five years by reducing predators. The desert tortoise population was at its highest in the 1920s and 1930s when cows and tortoises lived together and ranchers killed the predators.

In speaking out against Cliven Bundy, the BLM spokesman has done a good job pitting people and ranchers against Bundy, and keeping the issue of “grazing fees” confusing. The truth is Cliven Bundy paid grazing fees until the BLM canceled his permit. Then they wouldn’t take his grazing fees. Not one news agency has gotten this fact correct. This was a BLM “talking point.”

The BLM took Bundy’s allotment away to “protect” the tortoises. However, they left wild burro herds on the land. They would not accept his fees. He paid grazing fees to Clark County for years. The BLM did not recognize him. That is why he does not recognize them. The Clark County Sheriff kept the Feds away all of these years.

Clearly, the Clark County Sheriff thought Bundy’s rights were being trampled for all of these years. Cattle migrating out of his allotment is probably the reason for the BLM acting now. The BLM could have pushed the cows back inside his allotment and fixed the fences. That’s what ranchers do.

The money Bundy owes is all trumped up trespass fees compounded. The Endangered Species Act is corrupt.

Environmental groups think the only action to save the tortoise is getting rid of cows. The BLM and Harry Reid wanted a big scene and they got one.

Today’s ranchers are schooled and work very hard to take care of the land. They want to pass it onto other generations. If any good comes from this Bundy ordeal, I hope ranchers can sit at the table and use their wisdom to help solve endangered species problems.

There is room for everyone on public land. — Bill Gubler, Santa Clara, UT