Letters to the Editor

Feb 28, 2014
by WLJ

Recent radio and TV programs have focused on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) management of wild horses, bringing up slaughter. No one has faced the simple solution to ending millions of tax dollars spent on wasteful, cruel, ineffective, stupid policies.

Use good gardening terms; change “slaughter” to “harvest.” Change questionable birth control and overpopulation to culling and thinning. Change euthanasia to composting. Change red ink to black using income from badly needed, high demand pet food, organic plant food, quality leather and hundreds of people jobs.

No kill dog and cat shelters? Provide local balanced, nutritious pet food for animals never meant to be vegetarians.

Cut down economic hardship, neglect, starvation, cruelty? Have a legal, simple, quick way to take care of horses that through age, illness, physical or mental unsoundness, or sheer numbers are surplus.

Silent majority: it is time to open your eyes, ears and mouth, too! Let the vocal minority know we value and love our horses more than they do! We can prove it! — Jackie Kalberer, retired lab technician with 50 years breeding and raising walking horses.