CattleWoman of the Year from California

Feb 14, 2014
by WLJ

Joan Hemsted of Cottonwood, CA, was named the 2013 Outstanding Cattle- Woman of the Year by the American National Cattle- Women, Inc. (ANCW) at the Annual Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville, TN.

The CattleWoman of the Year Award is sponsored by Purina Animal Nutrition, LLC.

Hemsted has served many important roles throughout her tenure as a CattleWoman. She was the President of the California CattleWomen, an ANCW Region Director, Chair of the National Beef Cook-off committee, Co-chair of the ANCW Education Committee and served on numerous regional committees.

She was a champion for a large ANCW restructure project as a part of the Focus Advisory Team and created “196 Ideas to Recruit New Members.” With 24 years of ANCW membership, she’s attended nine summer conferences, 12 annual conventions and today is still active in CattleWomen, serving as the Budget Chair and local CattleWoman Director in California.

Her impact on Beef Education is significant. She has volunteered many hours in elementary classrooms delivering programs like the

“Music, Literature, Art and COWS!” program and she’s encouraged hundreds of women to become certified in special ANCW education projects. Her passion for education carried beyond her work with CattleWomen, proven by her service as the first national Chairman of Ag in the Classroom.

The strong relationships Hemsted has built with CattleWomen across the country are remarkable. Barbara Jackson, ANCW President, said: “Joan has a tremendous talent for engaging members. Whomever she works with, she does it with style and grace—and she gets the job done! Her co-workers are always happy to have worked with Joan.” Jean Barton fellow ANCW member and California Cattle- Woman, agreed, stating: “Joan’s personality and hugs have created many friends throughout the United States in the beef industry.”

Melanie Fowle, ANCW Vice President and fellow California CattleWoman, added, “When I think of Joan, it is with awe. Yes, she is a worker bee, but she also writes encouraging notes when they are least expected. She nudges, praises and asks questions at just the right moment.” — WLJ