Red Angus tags are a ticket to expanded marketing options

Feb 7, 2014
by WLJ
Red Angus tags are a ticket to expanded marketing options

An ear tag can be much more than an in-herd form of identification if it’s the right tag. For cattle enrolled in one of Red Angus’ free marketing programs, that ear tag is a ticket to higher market value.

The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) offers three different tag programs—Feeder Calf Certification Program (FC- CP), Allied Access and Pro- Cow.

Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP)

The FCCP is the beef industry’s oldest USDA-verified genetic, age and source program, originating over two decades ago. It adds value to Red Angus customers’ calves and grants access to branded product lines for Red Angus fed cattle. By verifying Red Angus bloodlines, producers are providing a more consistent end-product than cattle selected on a simple hair coat color.

Enrolled fed cattle provide feeders the ability to access “Angus” product lines and lucrative export markets, allowing them to bid more aggressively on Red Angus-sired cattle.

Allied Access

The Allied Access “Green Tag” allows producers utilizing Red Angus in a planned crossbreeding system to access source and age verification through Red Angus Marketing Programs. It’s simple, easy and effective marketing designed to put more dollars in producers’ pockets by providing marketing opportunities without genetic restrictions.


The RAAA marketing team revamped and improved the Pro-Cow program this past year, giving producers necessary tools to identify quality replacement females. Red Angus females that qualify and are enrolled through the Feeder Calf Certification Program are automatically eligible for Pro-Cow status. Pro-Cow is specifically designed to identify high-demand Red Angus females for ranchers who would like to utilize Red Angus genetics in commercial cow herds.

Producers may choose to tag their heifer calves at birth with the yellow Pro- Cow tag instead of the FCCP tag. A white Pro-Cow tag is also available.

Additional marketing opportunities

The RAAA also assists stakeholder in matching buyers and sellers. The Red Angus Stockyard is an on line searchable listing of Red Angus feeder and replacement cattle that buyers can browse on RAAA’s website, Stakeholders who would like to list their cattle may submit a free listing at

Two free eBlast services—FeederFax and Fe- Mail—also spread the word about Red Angus cattle up for sale through livestock auction barns, private treaty and video auctions.

The RAAA continues to offer the industry’s most recognizable programs in labeling value in feeder and fed cattle, as well as re placement-quality

genetics in Red Angus females. Contact the RAAA at 940/387-3502 for more information on Red Angus marketing programs or visit — RAAA