ID Beef Summit scheduled, Jan. 16-18

Dec 27, 2013
by WLJ

Beef producers can learn ways to improve the quality, consistency, and value of their product at the upcoming Idaho Beef Summit, sponsored by the Idaho Beef Council.

The Idaho Beef Summit will feature speakers, handson workshops, and tours focusing on beef end-product quality. Producers will have the opportunity to learn the “meat” side of the beef industry, according to UI Extension Educator Sarah Baker.

Beef producers will hear from leading industry and university personnel on understanding and improving beef carcass quality through genetics, herd health management, and animal handling and welfare. Results of the recent National Beef Quality Audit will be discussed, as well as opportunities identified for producers to improve management practices that will help them meet consumer demands and remain profitable.

The summit will offer tours focusing on the retail side of the beef industry and will give producers a firsthand look at how leading retailers and their meat department’s merchandising and marketing efforts bring value to the meat case. Producers will learn how their check-off dollars are helping train meat managers, educate consumers, and market beef at the retail level.

Attendees will participate in a taste panel, where they will learn how meat aging affects end-product quality, as well as hear updates from industry, check-off and BQA leaders. Other sessions will include a cattle outlook seminar, telling beef’s story from gate to plate, and the facts behind growth promotants in the beef industry.

The summit is intended to benefit Idaho’s beef industry by helping producers continually improve the quality and consistency of their product, making it as competitive as possible with other protein sources available to consumers. “It validates for them that they aren’t just producing calves, they are producing beef,” Baker says.

University of Idaho animal and meat science faculty and UI Extension faculty, along with other beef industry professionals will conduct the course beginning on the afternoon of Jan. 16 and concluding the afternoon of Jan. 18 at the Red Lion Hotel in Pocatello, ID. Registration is $75 per person.

For more information, or to register, please contact the University of Idaho Extension Office in Custer County at 208/879-2344 or www.ex — WLJ