Politics of doom

Livestock Industry Opinions
Oct 4, 2013

This government shut down will touch all Americans in one way or another. Perhaps it’s a good thing. If nothing else, it will possibly get the attention of our citizens and make us realize what’s going on with our government.


ObamaCare is to blame for this entire mess. Ironically, as a small businessman, I still don’t know what to expect with ObamaCare and I’ve tried to learn as much as I can over the past couple years. Trying to pass a continuing resolution to fund government, while stripping out the funding for ObamaCare was about the only leverage the Republicans had to force the issue.

All the polls say that the majority of Americans don’t want ObamaCare, which should be a clear enough message for the Senate to take it seriously. Senate Leader Harry Reid seems bent on doing it the old fashioned way and passing a full continuing resolution. He won’t even consider the piece meal approach the Republicans have been attempting. I like the idea of baby steps.

We’ve all seen the news reports on ObamaCare and that large companies are dropping private coverage on droves of workers and are asking them to buy health insurance at the “exchange.” Or they are cutting back on the hours employees work so they don’t have to cover them at all. Either way, it’s not good for anyone’s small business.

Then the Obama administration has granted hundreds of wavers to special interest groups so they don’t have to comply with the new law and Congress has the gall to exempt themselves. Big labor unions have expressed their dissatisfaction as well.

I checked Colorado’s new exchange website, Connect for Health Colorado, and didn’t get past the first step. The system locked up. The news reports will come out and say that there was such overwhelming demand to buy insurance on the exchanges that they couldn’t handle the volume. Truth be known, many of them are not functioning yet and won’t for at least another 30 days.

Do you remember how this Affordable Care Act passed into law in the first place?

Obama had a Democrat-controlled House and Senate. The Republicans put up a good fight in the Senate but it still had to be passed with special procedures, spelled out by Senator Harry Reid, and they had to promise every fence-sitting Democrat something in the bill for them to vote for it, like the Corn Husker Kick Back or the Louisiana Purchase. Then Nancy Pelosi said they were going to have to pass this 2,400 page bill to know what’s in it. She wasn’t fooling; I don’t think anyone in Congress knew what was in it because nobody had time to read it. It was a scam from the get-go.

Now the House is going to send the Senate appropriations bills bit by bit to try and fund the government and they’ll wait for the last appropriation that would have funded Obamacare, and the language will be stripped out and the Senate will send it back. They will do this a half dozen times, until someone gets frustrated and breaks ranks. In my opinion, it’s the Democrats that are hanging this bill up.

And all these guys are worried about is who will get blamed and tossed out in the next mid-term election. Meanwhile, Americans who aren’t paying attention will listen to major network news, read the big social newspapers and listen to the talking heads share how they got screwed over by the Republicans.

It’s got to be a big job trying to keep the tax-and-spend Democrats in line and keep this country from falling into the fiscal abyss. There have to be some concessions on this ObamaCare law. Reason must prevail but it looks like Washington is short on reason.

Now we have another fiscal ceiling war around the corner and that is sure to be another contentious debate.

I am still hoping we can get a farm bill passed. It expired last week amidst the government shutdown, and is once again facing another big battle since the House wanted to split the bill into two pieces, one for farm issues and the other for nutrition issues.

I like the strategy of passing smaller funding bills.

It will make the entire process more transparent. But closing down government is the only way you’re going to get every American’s head in the game and maybe we can change the makeup of politics in 2014. — PETE CROW