Product News

Jul 19, 2013
by WLJ

Composite Beef Cattle Registry

The Composite Beef Cattle Registry of Butler, MO, is open to all cattle producers who have a need for registering their animals to identify, track, document and maintain the ancestry of past generations and future offspring.

Through performance testing, they provide true multi-breed genetic evaluations on traits that are of relevant importance and economic value to the beef industry that allows for comparing of animals regardless of breed composition.

The Composite Beef Cattle Registry offers an affordable and efficient system to register cattle of any breed or combination of breeds.

A benefit of the Registry is cattle that do not qualify for registration in a registry—due to percentage of breed, the breed crosses, or the breed herdbook is closed—can be registered.

Composite cattle are still new to many producers, and as with anything new, it takes time before there is widespread acceptance. Marketing composite cattle, or any breed of cattle, present real challenges for producers both big and small, but this can also lead to some real opportunities.

Breeders who raise Angus, Hereford, Simmental, Gelbvieh, Limousin, Brangus and other well-known breeds have name recognition because commercial cattlemen are aware of these breeds. This is not the case when it comes to Composites. While some of the breed associations are making changes to register their breed mixed with primarily Angus genetics, there are still many Composite crosses developed by breeders or groups of breeders, who with breed crosses, there is no registry that will accept these cattle.

With some of these newly-formed Composite breeds, few have EPD or genetic evaluations. Most of the larger breeders of some Composite cattle have the financial resources available to have EPDs calculated for their cattle, but for smaller Composite breeds, many are unorganized and multibreed/ hybrid crosses are confusing to understand.

Today’s commercial producers rely on EPD information to assist in selecting the bulls they will be using in their herds.

The technology to provide documentation and genetic evaluations of Composite cattle is available, and breeders can join together through the Composite Beef Cattle Registry. We will help producers—seedstock and commercial—have a better understanding of composite cattle and a source for more information along with EPD and pedigree information on their cattle.

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