Association dedicated to helping shareholders market Red Angus cattle

Feb 8, 2013
by WLJ

Ranchers are taking advantage of value-added programs to increase the profitability of their calf crop, and each year more producers are enrolling their Red Angusinfluenced calves in the Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) and Allied Access Program.

The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) annually enrolls over 125,000 head of Red Angus-influenced calves in their tag programs and is on track to exceed that recordbreaking trend this year as program enrollment and tag sales continue to be strong going into calving season.

Enrollment in the FCCP “yellow tag” program entitles producers to tag their Red Angus-influenced calves with the yellow tag, satisfying USDA genetic, source and age verification requirements for all four major packing plants, Cargill, Tyson, JBS and U.S. Premium Beef.

The new Allied Access “green tag” marketing program began this past summer to assist commercial ranches that capitalize on heterosis in their respective crossbreeding programs. Allied Access complements the FCCP with the same simple approach to source and age verification, but without the genetic restrictions.

Either of these tag options, Allied Access or FCCP, are the most economical choices in the industry with no enrollment fees and a cost of only 99 cents per panel tag.

“Traceability to genetics, source and age continues to be important for cattle markets,” said Myron Edelman, RAAA director of added-value programs. “Feeder cattle are reaching new highs and market-ready cattle are capable of generating more dollars than ever before. However, cattle that have source and age verification maximize revenue for all classifications of cattle, making them the most profitable.”

FCCP is the beef industry’s oldest USDA-verified genetic, source and age program with 19 years of experience.

More marketing services

RAAA also offers free services to help stakeholders market their Red Angus-influenced cattle and, likewise, help buyers locate feeder cattle and replacement females.

Feeder Fax: This eBlast service is emailed to a growing list of active Red Angus feeder calf buyers. Producers can list their cattle at no charge by contacting the Red Angus Marketing Department at 940/320-8316 or downloading the form at Both FCCP and Allied Access are backed by Red Angus marketing programs.

Details include the number of head, vaccination protocols, added-value programs as well as any other information that describe the cattle.

This service is available for cattle consigned to a livestock market, selling on a video auction, or even being marketed private treaty.

Red Angus Stockyard: The Red Angus Stockyard,, lists quality Red Angus commercial and registered replacement females, bulls and semen. Viewers can define their search criteria to meet their buying parameters. Over 20,000 head of cattle are sold each year through the Red Angus Stockyard.

Cattle enrolled in either FCCP or Allied Access programs may be marketed on the Red Angus Stockyards website listing or through FeederFax at no cost to commercial Red Angus customers.

FeMail: The newest Red Angus marketing tool is a free eBlast service to help locate or market ranch-tested replacements. Producers can list Red Angus-influenced open heifers, bred heifers/cows or cow/calf pairs in offerings of 25 head of more to complement listings on the Red Angus Stockyard.

Calendar of Events: The Red Angus Calendar of Events lists bull sales, livestock market feeder calf sales and Red Angus special sections on top video marketing outlets. View the Calendar of Events at endar.

Stay Up-to-date: Ranchers can sign up for Red Angus Marketing Programs eBlasts and the monthly eNewsletter, The Insider, and stay in the loop. They can choose to receive FeederFax, FeMail, The Insider or all three. Visit the Marketing page at and click the icon on the right side of the page to access the signup form. — WLJ