ICA members adopt policy for 2013

Dec 28, 2012
by WLJ

Members of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association (ICA) adopted policy at their annual meeting that supports improvement in infrastructure for farmers, protecting animal health, and providing information and transparency to consumers. Outgoing ICA President Ross Havens of Wiota said the resolutions indicate that cattle producers recognize “there is a lot of work to do, especially on the social side.”

The infrastructure issues include protecting the purposes of the Road Use Tax Fund and the formula from fuel taxes and pickup license fees that direct dollars to rural roads and bridges. ICA supports efforts that increase funding as long as those increases are used for intended purposes.

Other infrastructure issues include support for renewable fuels production that maximizes access to co-products for the Iowa cattle industry, and encouraging efforts for clean and safe water supplies while not enforcing criminal penalties in cases where manure spills are accidental.

In regards to animal health, ICA members said they want an aggressive and coordinated response to animal diseases such as FMD and BSE to be maintained, and they want state government to do a facility assessment of the Iowa State University (ISU) Veterinarian Diagnostic Lab to make sure it continues to meet safety regulations relative to bio containment and space for diagnostic needs. If that assessment shows weaknesses in those areas, they want the state to allocate resources to address those weaknesses.

In the area of providing consumers with good and transparent information, the members said ICA should advocate for judicious use of antimicrobials in both animals and humans, and create on-going education for producers and veterinarians to continue the judicious use of the products. They also called upon all niches in the beef market to work cooperatively to promote beef without attacking other methods of beef production as being inferior.

Several directives were also adopted by ICA members. One calls for ICA to develop plans that would initiate a petition drive to reinstate a 50-cent voluntary state checkoff and report to the ICA executive committee by July 1, 2013, how that plan could be implemented.

A Garner, IA, cattle producer will be the new president of ICA. Ed Greiman, who is involved with both a feed yard and cow/calf operation, became ICA president at the end of the ICA Annual Meeting. He has served on the ICA board since December 2009. Greiman replaces Havens, whose term had expired.

ICA Board of Directors elected Phil Reemtsma, DVM, of DeWitt as president-elect. He has been a member of the board of directors since December 2006.

Reemtsma feeds cattle and is a large animal veterinarian. He previously was the Southeast Iowa regional vice president.

Newly elected to the position of associate vice president is Brent Henningsen of Ames. He is senior territory manager for Pfizer Animal Health. He replaces Mike Sexton, Rockwell City.

Other members of ICA’s Executive Committee are Al Johnson, Northwood, northwest regional vice president, re-elected this fall by his region; Larry Johnson, Maquoketa, northeast regional vice president; and David Trowbridge, Tabor, elected this fall as southwest regional vice president to replace Scott Hansen, Adel, who stepped down after serving his second term.

The positions of president, president-elect, and associate vice president are all one-year terms. Those serving in the positions can serve a maximum of two terms. Regional vice presidents serve two-year terms, and may serve a maximum of three terms.

The ICA Executive Committee will appoint a replacement for Reemtsma, who will serve until an election is held at the Southeast Regional meeting in the summer of 2013. — WLJ