Cliff hanger

Dec 14, 2012

The fiscal cliff is getting closer and closer and in my humble opinion, this government is going to run off the edge with smiles on their faces. This president isn’t concerned about raising more revenue as much as he is sticking high income earners with a knife. This is nothing more than a personal goal of his which he has placed before any other budget items. This president has never had a budget endorsed by the House of Representatives who handle the money. He is, in my opinion, a fiscal clown.

I haven’t been on a rant for a long time so here it comes. I’m not a sore loser over the election, but I am a patriot. I want to see America maintain her values as a free, safe place where anyone can reach for the stars, and with a good work ethic, achieve any goal they choose. It’s “freedom and liberty for all.”

At one time, the federal government was all about business and making America an honest, fair place to do business. The government would work with business to solve problems and help them. Now it seems that the federal government is working against business and making it more difficult.

This president is all about organized labor, which seems to have helped his elections.

The World Bank has rated America as the fourth most business friendly in terms of regulations between 2007 through 2011; Singapore is number one, Hong Kong is number two, and New Zealand is number three. We all know that our ranking as a country with the least regulatory burden is going to change and our ranking will decline in the next World Bank survey.

Solving America’s financial issues appears easy from the sidelines, but I’m not trying to get re-elected. The Bush tax cuts were a good thing and did just what they were supposed to do, stimulate the economy. Now that they are ready to expire again, the president is interested in raising taxes on high income earners only. Why he chose $250,000 as a high water mark is beyond me. It seems that he threw a number out when he was campaigning for his first term and it stuck.

But if we were to let the Bush tax cuts expire, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad. This way, everyone would take their share of the tax burden. We all know that taxing only rich people will only provide the government with nine days of spending and if the tax cuts expire, everyone will help with the fiscal problem the president and Congress have put us in. They need a wider tax base to fix this problem.

The president has done a good job of casting a dim light on wealthy people and considers them as evildoers. His class warfare strategy has been successful and he has divided the country, which is sad.

I have never seen, in my lifetime, a portion of the population turn on another part of the population. Americans are, for the most part, peaceful people and all want a chance at being wealthy.

To fix this problem, we know we have to raise some taxes and we have to have some spending cuts, which this president doesn’t like. The problem is he can’t tax his way out of this mess. The spending cuts that they all agreed on last summer, during the last fiscal crises, will also be triggered after the first of the year. Congress doesn’t seem to have the discipline to make spending cuts on their own, so they developed a set of spending cuts that would automatically go into effect. They should probably run this off the cliff, too.

And when did the federal government start talking in 10-year terms. The president wants to raise 1.6 trillion dollars over the next 10 years. That’s only 160 billion a year, which isn’t going to make much of a dent in annual deficit spending which has exceeded a trillion dollars a year during President Obama’s term. We need a trillion dollars less spending, now. And I haven’t heard anyone in Washington say that yet.

Yes, you could say I’m disappointed with government right now. I’ve always felt that less is better and the less the government knows about me the better. We hired these guys to represent us and make rational decisions, which there have been few of. Both sides have problems rationalizing these decisions and, ultimately, they prefer the political one, not the right one for the country. I’m for term limits on these folks because once they are ensconced in politics, something happens to their minds. And you can certainly see that we need some fresh horses to get this job done. — PETE CROW