Submit genomic testing samples early

Sep 28, 2012
by WLJ

—Angus breeders encouraged to plan ahead to ensure timely results.

Producers who want to include genomic information in their fall sale marketing should plan ahead and submit DNA samples early in order to receive timely results. The American Angus AssociationĀ® (AAA) advises a four-week turnaround before data is complete.

“Even in today’s business of speedy turnaround times and weekly evaluations of expected progeny differences, breeders can still miss their window of opportunity to include genomic test information in their sale books,” says Bill Bowman, association chief operating officer and president of Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI).

Angus breeders may submit genomic orders in several different ways, online through AAA Login, on their smartphones using the Angus Mobile app, or by mailing sample to AGI at the association headquarters in St. Joseph, MO. Once received, AGI processes the order and it is sent out for testing at the appropriate genomic labs.

“I’d encourage all Angus breeders to consider testing their animals using our DNA technology,” Bowman says. “The more you know about your cow herd, the better your marketing potential will be.”

To learn more about genomic testing or how to submit samples, visit or call 816/383- 5100.

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