Aerial surveillance policy plan - one of several at Nebraska meetings

Jun 29, 2012
by WLJ

Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) Board of Directors met Tuesday, June 19, 2012, to review the proposed interim polices created by NEC members at the past Midyear meeting held June 8, 2012, in Atkinsonn NE.

Of the six member-based NC committees, three passed resolutions that were then taken into consideration at the board of directors meeting. “Once the board of directors approves the resolutions, they are then forwarded on to the Nebraska Cattlemen annual meeting as interim policy where members will then be able to consider and discuss each in-depth”, said Jim Ramm, NC president.

The three committees whose policies were up for discussion at the board of directors meeting were: Animal Health and Nutrition, Brand and Property Rights, and Marketing and Commerce.

The following are brief overviews of resolutions that were approved by the board of directors as interim policy.

Antimicrobials – AHN R 2012 - Interim:

• Cattle and beef producers need access to antimicrobials in a timely manner to maintain healthy animals and prevent diseases. Nebraska Cattlemen supports judicious use of antimicrobials by cattle producers and supports risk assessments, government approval procedure, and guidance rules that are based upon peer reviewed sound science from the appropriate species.

Nebraska Brand Inspection Laws and Fees – BPR R 2012 - Interim:

Due to needed updates in brand inspection laws, Nebraska Cattlemen will seek legislation that will update and better reflect the current industry as well as resetting fees to keep the inspection system viable.

Environmental Protection Agency Aerial Surveillance – BPR R 2012 - Interim:

• Nebraska Cattlemen asks for the immediate cease of aerial surveillance being conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency due to the blatant violation of private property rights of businesses, residents and adjoining businesses and residents.

Futures Commission Merchants Insurance – MC R 2012–Interim:

• Due to the effects of the bankruptcy of CME clearing member MF Global, Nebraska Cattlemen urges the development of an insurance program for Futures Commission Merchants that would protect the value of excess customer funds on deposit in futures margin accounts.

Trichomoniasis Directive – AHN 2012:

• Due to an inconsistence in rules regarding Trichomoniasis, Nebraska Cattlemen will work with APHIS in their current authority to develop a program for interstate movement relative to Trichomoniasis.

If you would like to see the language of each interim policy or directive in its entirety, please contact the Nebraska Cattlemen at 402/475-2333. — WLJ