May 11, 2012
by WLJ

Jerry McMorris dies at age 71

Jerry McMorris, chairman of the National Western Stock Show Association (NWSSA) and past CEO if the Denver Rockies baseball team’s ownership group, died Tuesday in Denver of cancer at the age of 71.

McMorris served as NWSSA’s chairman for six years and on the executive committee for eighteen years prior.

“Jerry McMorris was one of the great leaders of our time. It was an honor to learn from Jerry and witness his passion for the Western way of life and the values we at Stock Show represent. He will be sorely missed,” said Paul Andrews, president and CEO of NWSSA.

McMorris’ former baseball friends echoed this sentiment.

“I believe it is fair to say without the efforts of Jerry, there may have never been Major League Baseball in Denver,” said current Rockies owner and CEO Dick Monfort.

McMorris is survived by his wife, Mary, two children and five grandchildren. Funeral arrangements have yet to be announced.