Red Bluff Champions

Feb 10, 2012

Quality control is an ongoing process at Red Bluff. It’s a tough job for the sifters and graders and it’s even tougher on the consignors, especially when one of their animals gets sifted. All of the livestock undergo this close scrutiny when they are entered in any of the Red Bluff sales. It’s an effort by the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale committee members to keep the standards high. After all, the quality of the animals is what keeps those buyers coming back each year. When a buyer comes to Red Bluff, he does so knowing that all of the bulls, geldings, mules and dogs in the various sales have been given the Red Bluff stamp of approval and are sound to the best of their knowledge. It is a high standard, and that standard has been adhered to since the inception of this sale. You may have the best bull or horse you have ever raised and if he steps on a rock and is limping in front of the sifters, he’s out. A gelding can develop an abscess the day before the sifting and he is out. It’s a tough deal, but livestock people understand that and they know that in the long run, it’s best for the sale and its reputation.

The group of individuals that get the nasty job of sifting and grading for quality are all livestock people and they take their job very seriously. They know what’s expected of them and they do a great job. The days of sifting and grading are long days and keeping everything straight is no easy task. It’s a tough job, but any stockman who is asked to act as a Red Bluff judge or sifter is always flattered and willing to be a part of this reputation event. This year’s sifting committee for the bulls included Gordon Bruce, Los Molinos, CA, John Venable, Corning, CA, Kenny Hufford, Fort Rock, OR, and O. W. Hootoon, DVM, Red Bluff, CA. The judging committee included Mike Hall, San Luis Obispo, CA, Dave Thompson, Shafter, CA, and Mark Bidwell, Hat Creek, CA. This year’s Red Bluff Champions are:

Jack Owens Ideal Range Bull: Morrell Ranches, Barry and Carrie Morrell, Willows, CA

Halter Bulls:

Champion Angus: HAVE Angus, Wilton, CA

Champion Hereford: The Poplars Ranch, Inc., Silver Lake, OR

Champion Red Angus and AOB: 6R Ranch, Redmond, OR

Champion Charolais: Reis Livestock, Gridley, CA Champion Polled Hereford: JFP Duke Polled Herefords, Petaluma, CA Champion SimAngus:

Teixeira Cattle Co., Pismo Beach, CA, and Terrebonne, OR

Champion Maine Anjou: Brocco Show Cattle, Sonoma, CA

Champion Gelbvieh: Cardey Ranches, Turlock, CA

Champion Simmental: Hinton Ranch, Montague, CA

Champion Balancer: Cardey Ranches, Turlock, CA

Champion Calving Ease: Red Angus, 6R Ranch, Redmond, OR

Range Ready Bulls:

Champion Angus: Cardey Ranches, Turlock, CA

Champion Hereford: The Poplars Ranch, Silver Lake, OR

Champion Red Angus: Bianchi Ranches, Gilroy, CA

Champion Charolais: Bianchi Ranches, Gilroy, CA

Champion Balancer: The Bull Mart, Burns, OR

Champion Brangus: Star Dust Farms, Oak Run, CA

Champion SimAngus: Little Shasta Ranch, Montague, CA

Pen of Two Bulls:

Hereford: Kudlac Herefords, Grants Pass, OR

Angus: Cardey Ranches, Turlock, CA


Craig Owens Ideal Ranch Horse: Benita Venable

Champion Heel Horse: Tom and Carmen Buckingham, Bruneau, ID

Champion Stock Horse: Tom and Carmen Buckingham, Bruneau, ID

Champion Conformation: Martin Murphy, Paisley, OR

Champion Snaffle Bit: Randy Ford, Valley Springs, CA

Champion Cutting Horse: Todd and Erin Bimat, Orland, CA

Champion Head Horse: T. B. Ward, Chiloqun, OR

Champion Stock Dog:

Brian Jacobs, Herald, CA

Water For Life Bull:

Bianchi Ranches, Gilroy, CA

Water For Life Dog:

Mason Winebarger, Crowheart, WY

Jerry York, WLJ Fieldman