National BQA award goes to Dayton, WY, rancher

Feb 10, 2012
by WLJ

On Feb. 2, 2012, the Padlock Ranch in Dayton, WY, was awarded the prestigious annual national Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) award during the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Cattle Industry Convention. The award was created to recognize outstanding beef producers from across the country who incorporate BQA principles as part of the day-today activities on their operations.

The Padlock Ranch (just north of Sheridan) raises over 11,000 calves a year on nearly 500,000 acres across Wyoming and Montana. Calves are born in May and June and then weaned in the fall in Padlock’s feedlot in Wyoming.

Calves are grown to yearling weights on silage and hay produced on Padlock’s 7,000-acre farm. Corn and distillers grains are purchased to augment the growing program when needed. In the spring, calves enter one of the following marketing strategies: 1) placed on feed in a finishing yard (retained ownership); 2) sold as yearlings, 3) placed on grass as stocker cattle; 4) placed on a finishing program in Padlock’s feedlot. In recent years, the majority of feeder cattle have been marketed through Country Natural Beef.

Padlock Ranch is a profit-driven business which places importance on environmental stewardship, community support (both local and the broader community), and hiring/developing excellent people. A foundational goal is to use Best Management Practices throughout the life of an animal to enhance performance, health, beef quality and, ultimately, profitability. The ranch takes a systems approach in developing and implementing these management practices and has coupled these practices with a marketing plan.

Wayne Fahsholtz, Padlock Ranch’s CEO and

president, encourages other producers to implement BQA programs by: 1) leading by example; 2) being proactive advocates of BQA practices to our customers, business associates, and the larger community that we deal with regularly; 3) continuing to tell the story through lectureships, symposiums, and publications to reach those in the industry; 4) remaining active in the cattle industry through membership and participation.

The National BQA award winners are selected annually by a committee of representatives from universities, state beef councils and cattle industry groups. For more information about the beef checkoff or BQA program, visit www. or www.MyBeef — WLJ