21 Gun Salute for American troops

Jan 20, 2012

American troops aren’t known for taking bull from anyone, but they might make an exception for this particular bull—Crs Diamnd 21 Gun Salute.

The Red Angus bull was donated by Cross Diamond Cattle Co. with all of his Dec. 12 sale proceeds going to the All-American Beef Battalion (AABB). AABB is an organization dedicated to honoring American military service members by, among other things, serving them American beef prior to deployment and upon return home.

21 Gun Salute first sold to a trio of buyers—Arcadia Land and Cattle Co. of Stringtown, OK; Silver Spur Ranches of WY, CO, NE and NM; and Horsley Red Angus, also of Stringtown, OK—for $12,500. Shortly thereafter, the co-owners decided to re-donate the bull for auction at the National Western Stock Show in Denver with all proceeds again going to AABB.

On Sunday, Jan. 8, 21

Gun Salute went to auction for the AABB cause again. He sold to a collection of Red Angus associations for $12,350. Immediately following his purchase, the collection of new owners announced they would return him to auction and again donate all proceeds of his sale to AABB. He finally sold to Jim Odle of Odle Livestock for $4,750 who said the bull will run on his herd of commercial Red Angus cows.

Odle, who was among the founding leadership of AABB, said, “I just wanted to step in there and bid on that bull to help the program.”

Following 21 Gun Salute’s final sale, auctioneers opened the floor to donations in $250 and $500 increments. There was considerable energy surrounding the bull and the cause, with $7,000 being donated to AABB. So in the course of a month, 21 Gun Salute helped raise over $36,000.

But according to Barry Horsley—one of the original purchasers of 21 Gun Salute—more money continues to come in.

“Through our joint efforts, we raised an unbelievable donation to help AABB honor our service men and women by feeding them steaks, but the awareness of their good work is just as important,” he said. “I had people come up to me the next day to contribute.”

AABB is the vision of Bill Brodie of Ashland, KS. Brodie, a Marine who served in Vietnam, wanted to do something for soldiers today. The program supports both troops and the American beef industry by hosting steakfeeds for soldiers just prior to deployment and at their homecoming. Brodie said he hopes to one day be able to serve steaks to soldiers still overseas if possible.

Though the steak-feeds are the focus of the program, AABB also tries to support the families of soldiers who are away on deployment and those of soldiers killed in action. Other work includes hosting events for Wounded Warriors.

If you are interested in donating to AABB or learning more about the cause, contact them at 620/635-0544 or go to their website at SteaksForTroops.com.— Kerry Halladay, WLJ Editor