Shaw Cattle Company acquires Turner Brothers' Registered Hereford cattle

Jan 13, 2012
by WLJ

Shaw Cattle Company announces its acquisition of the entire cow herd of Oklahoma’s Turner Brothers registered Hereford cattle. Shaw Cattle Co. is excited to obtain the JET line of Turner Brothers’ cattle and believe they will complement their existing herd well.

“This has been an incredible opportunity for us to purchase one of the most unique herds of cattle in the Hereford business today,” says Greg Shaw. “These cattle will provide a new and different line for our current customers and for cattlemen across the U.S.”

The Shaws will continue to maintain the /S line of performance cattle they have developed for over 65 years. The JET cattle will be maintained with the same philosophy Jack Turner has followed for the past 35 years.

Jack spent his lifetime breeding cattle his way with consideration for moderate birth weight and carcass, creating a solid set of genetics that are unparalleled in the Hereford industry. He began collecting performance data in the 1980s; with this data and a closedherd breeding philosophy, he built sound, functional cattle that excel in carcass traits.

Turner Brothers have proven this with progeny data at Circle A Ranch in Iberia, MO, and the National Hereford Reference Sire Program at Olsen Ranches in Harrisburg, NE. As the popularity of traits has changed over the years, Jack stayed true to his philosophy. He did not follow a single trait but, rather, examined all traits and ultimately produced moderate, low-input cattle with above-average growth that consistently grade Prime and Choice.

Real-world data, carcass comparisons and true “cowboy ingenuity” will help build a greater genetic pool for Shaw Cattle customers, as well as the multitude of marketing partnerships they sell their cattle into.

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