Cross Diamond Cattle Company supporting the troops

Nov 18, 2011
by WLJ

The All-American Beef Battalion (AABB) was established in 2007 and aims to support the troops fighting the war on terror while promoting American beef. They accomplish this task by organizing and sponsoring steak feeds, entertainment, programs, meetings for service members and their families. To date, AABB has served more than 100,000 steaks to the troops, and the effort is still going strong.

The cattle industry has been a huge supporter of this event, usually with a donated steer auctioaned off at a sale barn or a fundraising event of some kind. For the first time, a purebred seedstock operation is stepping up to the plate and donating a bull to AABB at their annual production sale.

Cross Diamond Cattle Company, located near Bertrand, NE, is home to Scott, Kim, Johanna and Marie Ford. The family raises Red Angus cattle, and their sixthannual production sale will be held at the ranch on Dec. 12, 2011, where they have a large offering of bulls, females and horses for sale.

Lot 21 is a special bull in the sale as he will be auctioned off with all proceeds benefitting AABB. The number 21 was selected as a nod to the 21-gun salute used at military funerals. Scott Ford talked about his family’s support of AABB and invites other purebred breeders to follow suit at their own sales.

“As we enjoy the freedoms we have as Americans, we find it too easy to forget the many sacrifices of brave men and women throughout our nation’s history in earning and keeping that freedom,” said Ford. “We place great importance in honoring those who have served our country and who continue to serve. During the past year, we’ve become aware of the great work done by the AABB in feeding our troops’ hearts with support and respect, while feeding their bodies with outstanding beef. We appreciate the vision of the organization and want to further support the group by donating the proceeds from one of the bulls in this year’s sale.”

For sale information, cattlemen can reference the operation’s website at www.

“We understand the sacrifice that the troops have made for us in order to protect our freedom,” said Ford.

“We have two young daughters, and their success and futures depend on the troops making huge sacrifices away from their own families in order to protect our freedoms. This is a tremendous cause, and our fundraiser is our way to show our appreciation. This is a great opportunity to support a cause that highlights our U.S. military and quality U.S. beef while keeping the American dream for the next generation.”

Strong supporters of the military and the beef industry, the Fords are also Christians and believe faith, family and farming are a triad of priorities they share with AABB.

“My wife and I are Christians, and there are two people who have died for us—Jesus Christ and the American soldier,” said Ford. “We take the troops for granted too often, and this is our way to say thanks.”

The Fords host a supper the night before the sale, and Nebraska rancher, radio personality and motivational speaker Trent Loos will be the featured entertainment. A donation bucket will be passed around to benefit AABB that evening as well.

“We invite everyone to come out to the ranch for supper and the sale,” said Ford. “I think what Bill has started with the AABB is great. What’s more American then a steak and a soldier?

For more information on AABB, check out www. This non-profit organization continues to support the American soldier while promoting American beef, and the organization hopes more people within the cattle industry will rally around their cause. — WLJ