SALE reports

Sep 30, 2011

The Lasater Ranch Production Sale

Sept. 15, Matheson, CO 108 Bulls ..............................$2,935

The Lasater Beefmaster 62nd annual field day and production sale was held on Sept. 9 and 10 at the Lasater Ranch in

Matheson, CO. An enthusiastic crowd of Beefmaster breeders and commercial cattlemen was in attendance, with the majority of those being long-time customers and repeat buyers. Fifty buyers from 15 states and Mexico purchased bulls and females. Seventy females were sold private treaty. The high selling bull was Lot 6, Lasater 9307, a thick, wellmuscled bull with breed-leading phenotype. He went to longtime customer Nolan Ryan.— Pete Crow

Churchill Cattle Co.

Fall Female Sale Sept. 16, Manhattan, MT 55 Female lots ..................... $3,850 2 Bulls .................................... 30,000 Auctioneer: Joe Goggins Churchill’s reputation brought a strong demand for these Hereford cattle during this fall sale. Selling to breeders across the U.S. and Canada, the ‘pick of the Pasture’ opportunity of this herd was the main part of the sale. It drew lots of interest and the partial interest in the two bull calves offered likewise. TOPS: Lot 10, 10 percent interest in HH Perfect Timing 0150 ET, 8/1/10, by CRR About Time 743; to Grand Meadows Farms, Grand Rapids,

MI, $40,000. Lot 140, 1/2 interest in Churchill Helton 140Y, 1/15/11, by CRR Helton 98; to River Ridge Ranch, Durand, IL, $20,000. Lot 26, Churchill Lady 0123xET, 1/15/10, by Golden Oak Outcross 184; to Iron Lake Ranch, Athens, TX, $15,000. Lot 3, Churchill Lady 178Y, 1/23/11, by CRR Helton 980; to Marvin Kramer, Farina, IL, $11,500. Lot 11, Churchill Lady 61095, 2/17/06. by GH Neon 17N; to W4 Ranch, Morgan, TX. $9,000 — Jerry Gliko

Dismukes Angus and Charolais Bull Sale

Sept. 23, Galt, CA 26 Angus bulls ....................$3,515 21 Charolais bulls.................3,833 47 Total bulls .........................3,657 Auctioneer: Jake Parnell

This annual sale for Jim Dismukes was held at Cattlemen’s Livestock Market and the strong offering attracted a good-sized crowd of buyers, many of whom are repeat buyers of this program. Demand was strong and although the numbers on offer were somewhat limited, the quality was the best yet from this well-known breeder.

TOPS—Angus: DR Faultline 510, 3/12/10, by DR Faultline 257; White and Son, Corning, CA, $7,000, 1/2 interest. DR Nebraska 200, 2/6/10, by YORK Baldridge Nebraska; White and Son, $5,100. DR Bando 130, 2/12/10, by HSAF Bando 1961; White and Son, $4,500. DR Nebraska 310, 2/21/10, by Baldridge Nebraska; Damonte Ranch, Reno, NV, $4,300. Charolais: WL Ninja 1340, 10/11/10, by DR Nighthawk 866; Javier Choperena, Dillon Beach, CA, $6,500. DR Slasher 1420, 10/16/10, by HooDoo Slasher 1144; Choperena, $5,300. DR Revelation 467, 8/24/10, by DR Revelation 467; Steve Bianchi, Valley Ford, CA, $4,500. DR Madrid 1260, 9/22/10, by Sparrows Madrid 7M; Tule Vista Livestock, Macdoel, CA, $4,500, 1/2 interest. — Jerry York Rendezvous at Rocking R Sept. 23 ..................... Hayden, ID 58 Lots ..............................$2,916 Auctioneer:

C. D. “Butch” Booker Sale Manager:

Parnell-Dickinson, Inc.

This was the inaugural sale for this group of Angus breeders and by all accounts, it was a very successful debut. The group consists of Rocking R Cattle, Pioneer Angus, Gardiner Prime Angus Ranch, SHB Angus, TW

Ela Cattle Co. and Hajny Land and Livestock. The sale was held at the beautiful Rocking R facility and the quality of the cattle on offer was very strong. In addition to the top end cattle on offer, the hospitality offered was unparalleled with excellent food and live entertainment. This is certainly a sale to watch in the future when looking for top-drawer breeding stock.

TOPS—Pairs: Erica Pride of PAR 656, 1/30/06, by B/R New Frontier bred to Coneally Final Product with her 12/17/10 heifer calf by Basin Yellowstone R178; Pioneer Angus, Hay, WA, to Gardiner Prime Angus Ranch, $8,000. Blackbird of PAR 494, 1/27/04, by Sitz Alliance 6595 bred to Basin Yellowstone R278; Pioneer Angus to Crouthamel Cattle Co., Touchet, WA, $3,500. Her 12/24/10 heifer calf by Connealy Right Answer 746; to Tule Vista Livestock, Macdoel, CA, $2,600. Rocking R Cloe 917, 1/15/09, by BT Crossover 758N bred to Hoover Dam; Rocking R Cattle Co., Hayden, ID, to McCoy Angus, Le Grande, OR, $3,100. Her 12/31/10 heifer calf by Mytty Thunderstruck; to Tule Vista Livestock, $2,400. Bred heifers: Rocking R Everelda 0102, 1/31/10, by SAV Bismark 5682 bred to HA Image Maker 0425; Rocking R Cattle Co. to McCoy Angus, $5,100. GPAR Lady Jet 53X, 1/16/10, by GPAR Weight Maker S15 bred to SAV Final Answer 0035; Gardiner Prime Angus Ranch, Bonners Ferry, ID, to TW Ela Cattle Co., Hayden, ID, $3,900. Open heifer: Rocking R Rita 1110, 2/14/11, by Mytty Thunderstruck; Rocking R Cattle Co. to Table Rock Cattle Co., La- Crosse, WA, $2,700. —Jerry York

McPhee Red Angus Bull & Female Sale Sept. 24, Lodi, CA 61 Red Angus bulls ...........$4,540 37 Open yearling heifers ....1,366 6 Spring bred heifers ...........1,942

The McPhee’s Red Angus production sale was an absolute barn burner.

They had a full house and buyers were eager to own this nice thick set of yearling bulls and heifers. These cattle are selected for balanced traits with emphasis on growth and marbling while keeping birth weights at the low end of the spectrum. This was their 40th year in the Red Angus business and their commitment to producing high-quality, functional cattle.

Volume buyers were: Jon Wooster, San Lucas, 12 bulls; Jensen Ranch,

Orland, 7 bulls; Joe Hess, River Ranch of Plymouth, 7 heifers and a bull; Weeks Ranch of Santa Rosa, 5 heifers and two bulls. TOPS—Bulls:

McPhee Pacific Top 4563, 7/10/10, by McPhee Pacific Pride 4127; to Jensen Ranch, Orland, $9,000. McPhee R Mission 4550, 7/10/10, by Oak Ridge Mission Statement; to Jensen Ranch, $8,250. McPhee Country Boy 378, 9/2/10, by Oak Ridge Mission Statement; to Jensen Ranch, $7,900.

McPhee Pacific Top 4587, 7/14/10, by PcPhee Pacific Pride 4127; to Jensen Ranch, $7,500. Females: McPhee Primrose 4969, 7/26/10, by Golden Boy 2533; to AA Acres, Sanger, $2,350. McPhee My Lady 5022, 7/19/10, by McPhee New Revelation 5022; to Reyes Moreno, Covelo, $2,000. Royce’s Pretty Classic 13, by McPhee Revelation; to Reyes Moreno, $2,000. — Pete Crow Hoffman

– W4 – Topp Annual Hereford Female Sale Sept. 25, Thedford, NE 37 Heifer calves ...............$13,722 1 Donor female .....................9,000 13 Bred heifers ....................7,308 3 Picks of the herd ............30,917 6 Embryo pkgs .....................3,050 6 Semen pkgs ....................$1,991 58 Lots average $12,667 Auctioneer: Rick Machado

A beautiful fall day in the heart of the Sand Hills, and an exciting set of Hereford seedstock from some of the most progressive breeders in the country. Whether it be a show heifer calf prospect to a potential brood cow, the record stands for itself. A large crowd of cattlemen and young people from across the U.S. were eager and active throughout this fast-paced event. TOPS: Lot 1, HKHDD Anabella 1206 ET, 3/7/11, by Golden Oak Outcross 18U; to Whispering Pine Farms, Kimball, MN, $79,000. Lot 2, HKHDD Dianna 1202 ET, 3/4/11, by Golden Oak Outcross 18U; to John Deppe, Maquoketa, IA, $51,000. Lot 28, FMS Payback 170, 1/19/11, by HPayback 807ET; to Sherry Hanson, Conde, SD, $35,000. Lot 12, Churchill Lady 180Y ET, 3/10/11, by Golden Oak Outcross; to Patty Vickland, Longmont, CO, $30,000. Lot 31, Pick of the Hoffman/W4 donor females, Cottonwood Springs Ranch, Cedar, MI, $60,000 — Jim Gies Baker Hereford Ranch Brood Cow Spectacular Complete Dispersion

Sept. 23, Rapid City, SD 46 Bred heifers ...................$2,990 123 Bred cows ......................3,324 59 Heifer cows .....................2,298 7 Herd bulls .........................10,786 2 Pairs ....................................2,350 Auctioneer: Joe Goggins This herd has been carefully built and selected for 66 years! The base herd is strong in Cooper-Holden Line One breeding. This program has been responsible for one of the top annual bull sales in the northern Plains, producing both herd sires and top range bulls. A large crowd from a wide area of the U.S. was on hand or represented and very active in steady selling. TOPS—Herd bull: Sire E KB L1 Domino 842U, 1/23/08, by KBL1 Domino 655 ET; 3/4 int. to Fawcetts Elm Creek Ranch, Ree Heights, SD, $22,000. Sire D CL1 Domino 849U, 1/9/08, by CL1 Domino 648S; to Bruce Anderson, Valley City, ND, Friedt Hfds Mott, ND, Boehnke Herefords Kramar, ND, $20,000. Sire C CL1 Domino 7110T, 1/16/07, by CL1 Domino 590R Dufur HFDS Caddo, OK, $13,000.

Bred heifers: Dominette, Lot 140, KBL1 008, 1/23/10, by CL1 Domino 849U bred to HH Advance 6001S; to Hula Ranch, Weston, NE, $4,250. Cows: Lot 113, KBL1Dominette 945 W, 1/21/09, by HH Advance 5104R bred to KBL1Domino 842U; Vulture Acres, Enderlin, ND, $19,000. Lot 88, KBL1 Dominette 879U, 1/31/08, by JA L1 Domino 6002S bred to CL1Domino 6105S; to Bruce Anderson, Valley City, ND, $17,500. Lot 49, Montana Miss 753T, 1/19/97, by CL1 Domino 592R1ET bred to CL1Domino 0145x; Holden Herefords, Valier, MT, $14,000. Lot 22, Montana Miss 626, 1/18/06, by CL1 Domino 9126J bred to KBLDomino844U; to Vulture Acres, Enderlin, ND, $11,000. Heifer calves: Lot 49A, Montana Miss 1179Y, 3/23/11, by CL1Domino 7110; $5,000, Cooper Herefords, Willow Creek, MT. Lot 85A, KBL1 Dominette 156Y, 1/28/11, by KBL1 Domino 842U; to Geidd Herefords, Washburn, ND, $4,750 — Jim Gies