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Aug 20, 2009

Teixeira Cattle Co.

Teixeira Cattle Co.

Aug. 20, Pismo Beach, CA

57 Head $3,170

Auctioneer: Rick Machado

Sale Manager: Cotton and Associates

The “Sale By The Sea” is a very appropriate name for this sale as the location is set in a beautiful valley just a few miles inland from the coast. Being that close to the ocean made for a mild afternoon and a pleasant day for a sale. The Teixeira family had everything in order as they welcomed a good sized crowd. The offering consisted of an excellent cross section of their program and demand was very good with excellent demand on the bull offering. The top steer sold for $5200. Top females: TEX Miss Effie 0401, 9/1/10 by SAV Bismark 5682; Vintage Angus Ranch, Modesto, CA, $5,500. TEX New Design 0407, 9/5/10 by SAV Bismark 5682; Express Ranches, Yukon, OK, $3,750. Primrose Heifer Pregnancy due 8/15/11 by B/R New Day 454; JACS Angus, Bentonville, AR, $3,750. TEX Trendy 0439, 9/30/10 by TEX Fabio; Wheeler Cattle Co., CA, $3,600. TEX Miss Effie 0406, 9/4/10 by SAV Bismark 5682; Vintage Angus Ranch, $3,500. Top bulls: TEX Conerstone 0079, 2/26/10 by Riverbend Conerstone; B-K Cattle Co., Sanger, CA, $5,800. TEX Special Focus 0028, 2/5/10 by BPF Special Focus 504; Dennis Luis, CA, $4,900. TEX Special Focus 0080, 2/26/10 by BPF Special Focus 504; Garlinger Cattle Co., Ca, $4,800. — Jerry York