Colorado nutrition roundtable at CSU

Aug 26, 2011
by WLJ

Changes in the economy, weather situations and livestock production systems have driven feed prices to record highs and put increased pressure on livestock managers. Come join livestock producers, nutritionists and Colorado State University (CSU) faculty for a day-long educational program on “Applied Nutritional Management in a Changing Feed Environment.” The Colorado Nutrition Roundtable will be held on Friday, Sept. 9, 2011, at CSU ARDEC Taylor Building, Fort Collins, CO. All persons interested in cost effective livestock production are welcome.

Session one will be moderated by Shawn Archibeque from CSU, an American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists section president. A presentation titled “The art and science of formulating and managing diets for highly stressed calves,” by Dr. Dave Hutcheson, emeritus professor of Animal Science, Texas A&M University, and president Animal-Agriculture Consulting, Inc., will follow the introduction. A case study on receiving stressed calves will then be presented by Steve Gabel, Magnum Feedyard, LLC, Wiggins, CO.

After a short break, the program will continue with a presentation by past Colorado Nutrition Roundtable poster winner Katherine Kessler from the University of Wyoming. Hutcheson will then talk about international nutrition and management consulting opportunities, followed by Dr. Tony Knight, professor of Veterinary Medicine at CSU, who will present on understanding the physiologic effect of toxic plants on animals.

Session two will be moderated by Aaron Stalker, assistant professor and roundtable chairman from the University of Nebraska. “Applied grazing practices for animal productivity and range health,” will be presented by Dr. Jerry Volesky, professor and Extension range and forage specialist at University of Nebraska, North Platte. Another graduate student oral presentation will be given by past Colorado Nutrition Roundtable poster winner Paul Repenning from CSU.

The next section will talk about low-grain alternatives for finishing cattle, presented by John Rakestraw, M.S., Agra Holdings, LP. Dr. Mary Beth Hall, research animal scientist with the USDA U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center will then talk about lessons learned in alternative energy feed uses in dairy operations. The final section will be a roundtable discussion of the day’s topics led by Dr. Ivan Rush, emeritus professor at the University of Nebraska.

Dinner will follow roundtable discussion where Dr. Kevin Pond, CSU Animal Science Department head, will give out the poster awards. Dr. Tom Field, director of producer education with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, will then give a “pep talk” on the Beef Industry and CSU football called “Forging a Future in the Midst of Chaos.”

The cost is $40/person, or $50 at the door, and includes both meals. Please pre-register with Nancy Weiss by Tuesday, Aug. 30. For more information, contact Dr. Jack Whittier, 970/491-6233 (Jack.Whittier@Colostate. Edu ) or Nancy Weiss 970/491-7604 (Nancy. Weiss@Colostate.Edu).

The roundtable program this year is coupled with CSU AgDay so that participants may include AgDay along with their Colorado Nutrition Roundtable plans. CSU AG Day is Saturday, Sept. 10. The barbecue will run from 9:30-11:30 a.m., and the football kickoff is at noon. Ticket information can be found on-line at www. Costs for the barbecue only are $15, and for the barbecue and the football game, it’s $35.50.—WLJ