New opportunity for putting up hay in Nebraska

Aug 12, 2011
by WLJ

As a result of extreme drought in the southern U.S., there is a dramatic need for hay both in Nebraska and further south.

Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) is encouraging persons with equipment and time to take advantage of every opportu- nity to make more hay available. Haying and baling road ditches is a way to fill this need for hay.

Nebraska State Sen. Deb Fischer, chair of the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee, shared with NC that a person can apply to the Nebraska Department of Roads for a per

mit to hay and bale along state highways through Sept. 15. For more information or to apply, contact the district engineer in your area. Their contact information is available at www.dor. htm.

Property along county road ditches can also be hayed and baled without a permit, but it is recommended to first give notice to the local county commissioner.

Fischer, a Nebraska rancher, worked on the 2007 legislative bill to allow haying and baling of road ditch es along state highways. “I know from personal experience there are times when no amount of hay can be wasted,” said Fischer. “That time is now, and every resource should be utilized to assist other farmers and ranchers.”

To take advantage of this opportunity and to list hay for sale, please contact Nebraska Cattlemen at the Lincoln office at 402/475- 2333 or the western Nebraska office at 308/760- 6464. You may also contact Nebraska Department of Agriculture’s Hay Hotline at 800/422-6692. — WLJ