NC is seeking individuals with available grass

Aug 5, 2011
by WLJ

Most Nebraska land owners have experienced optimal precipitation this summer while devastation has been occurring in the drought-stricken areas of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) is developing a list of individuals with available grass for lease or any other type of forage for sale to help our southern neighbors.

If you have grass available or any other forage for sale, please contact NC at the Lincoln office, 402/475-2333, or in their Western Nebraska office, 308/760-6464. NC will be a clearing house for information only and all agreements will be handled between the producers involved.

NC has heard comments from those who expressed a need for hay because they are trying to “save the genetics I have worked a lifetime to develop.”

Once this list is developed, NC will be able to provide those state cattle associations in the drought-stricken areas a resource to turn to for help. “Every cattle producer has faced situations where they had limited resources brought about by the environment,” states Art Brownlee, NC Brand & Property Rights chairman. “Nebraska Cattlemen has the opportunity to be a resource to ask those who can provide support for the cattle industry to call in with their information.” — WLJ