Federation supplies ideas to help states generate consumer attention for beef

Aug 5, 2011
by WLJ

Even with the popularity of the internet and computer communications, recipe brochures, flyers and other handouts are a key tool in promoting beef locally across the country.

Through the state services team at the Federation of State Beef Councils (Federation), those types of materials are being created and delivered every day.

“We’re continually working with state beef councils to provide them with the kinds of materials they need, especially ones they use in face-to-face encounters with consumers,” according to Don Waite, senior director of Federation State Services at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA).

He says trade shows, fairs and supermarket promotions are just a few of the kinds of consumer events state council staffs participate in that require these kinds of handouts. Some handouts are brochures that contain beef checkoff-funded recipes developed in the NCBA Culinary Innovations Center.

Others feature nutrition information, also made possible through the Beef Checkoff Program.

Many of the materials can be customized with contact information for the state council. All are provided at nominal or no charge to state councils, thanks to their investment in beef checkoff and Federation efforts. They are available to state councils, retailers, consumers and other groups through a web-based store for materials at https:// store.beef.org.

“By producing these materials at a national level, we capitalize on efficiencies of scale while still making sure the materials appropriate for an individual state,” says Waite.

State beef councils, he says, invest in the Federation through their membership, as well as through investments at the national level through the Beef Promotion Operating Committee.

A recent and unique handout coordinated through the Federation was a small packet of spices that could be used on steaks and hamburgers. The packet, consisting of a proprietary blend of spices created by a family-owned Denver food company, was in response to state beef council interest in having a low-sodium rub that could be distributed within their states. It was coordinated by the NCBA Culinary Innovations Team.

Other materials currently in production by the design services team include: an updated version of a 24-page brochure produced many years ago that covers the nutritional benefits of beef as well as all aspects of buying, storing, preparing and serving beef; a brochure that highlights the nutritional benefits of beef while providing several savory beef recipes; and a brochure that describes how consumers can celebrate with beef, including tips for preparing the perfect beef roast and containing great recipes for entertaining.

“Consumers trust our recipes because they’re simple, tested and fit their needs today,” says Waite. “Our state partners, meanwhile, know they can count on our materials to fill their needs in communicating with consumers on a very basic level. Good, profes sional beef materials and good, well-tested beef recipes create good, long-lasting friends.”

State beef councils earn seats on the Federation Board of Directors based on an investment schedule. Through the efforts of these states, the Federation supports national promotion, research and education efforts contracted through the Beef Promotion Operating Committee and approved by the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and USDA. It also helps foster a stronger state-national partnership to increase beef demand. Federation State Services produced more than 4.7 million pieces of printed materials for state beef councils and other industry partners last year. — WLJ