May 20, 2011
by WLJ


New Holland offers industryleading limited warranty

New Holland has announced it is now backing its compact tractors with an industry-leading 5-year Boomer Guard limited warranty on all Boomer 30/35/40/50 deluxe compact tractors.

This new 5-year limited powertrain warranty on Boomer 30/35/40/50 compact tractors is the best in the industry. It includes the 2-year limited “bumper-to-bumper” warranty and adds three more years to powertrain components, for a total of up to five years of protection. This warranty offer is valid on new Boomer compact tractors purchased from an authorized New Holland dealer.

“For well over a century, New Holland has been providing farmers across North America with the hard-working, long-lasting equipment they need to care for their land,” says Ken Hough, New Holland Tractor Marketing Manager. “That farm-raised experience shows not only in the quality and operator-friendly features of our tractors, but in our dealers. New Holland dealers know tractors. They have the experience and knowhow to help customers select the right equipment.

They spend the time to help them understand how to operate and maintain their tractor and, just as importantly, New Holland tractor owners can trust their dealer to have their back after the sale with parts and service support. With the peace of mind that comes with this new extended warranty, our customers now have one more reason to put their confidence in a New Holland compact tractor.”

New Holland’s Boomer compact tractors (28-47 hp) feature the maneuverability and operating ease needed to make quick work of tough jobs.

“Boomer tractor focus on three key factors: visibility, ease of use and serviceability,” says Hough. “They have the durability, comfort, and productivity features customers have told us they want in a compact tractor, at a very competitive price.”

Now through June 30, 2011, during New Holland’s Ready to Roll Sales Event, customers who purchase a new Boomer tractor can qualify for either a free front-end loader, special financing, or a cashback offer. For more information, see your local New Holland dealer or visit

Synanthic gives beef producers options in parasite control

Cattle producers have more options for effective parasite control with Synanthic (oxfendazole) suspension dewormer back on the market. Now part of the Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. family of products, Synanthic is once again available to beef producers.

“Synanthic offers beef producers an excellent choice in the benzimidazole dewormer class,” says Mac Devin, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Professional Services Veterinarian. “It’s important for producers to have choices in classes of parasite-control products to reduce resistance issues.”

There are two classes of anthelmintics available in the marketplace: benzimidazole and macrocyclic lactones.

Devin explains that after several exposures to the same class of anthelmintics, surviving parasite populations begin to develop resistance to the class of anthelmintics. “Having more than one class of anthelmintic to use may become really important for some operations if resistance is becoming an issue,” says Devin. “Synanthic is an important and effective option to have back on the market.”

Synanthic is fast, effective and available in a lowdose formulation. Synanthic is readily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and goes to work rapidly to reduce parasite populations. In a study, reported in the Synanthic FOI (Freedom of Information), Synanthic was 100 percent ovicidal within 24 hours.

Devin adds that Synanthic is labeled for control of Ostertagia ostertagi inhibited L4 larvae at a dosing rate of 4.5 mg/kg. He points out that this is an advantage compared to Safe-Guard (fenbendazole), which is not effective against L larvae or inhibited L larvae at its recommended dosage of 5 mg/ kg.

Ostertagia ostertagi, otherwise known as brown stomach worm, has been shown to have significant impact on weight gain. A stocker weight gain study showed that non-parasitized animals exhibited 77 percent greater weight gain than parasitized animals due to appetite suppression caused by O. ostertagi.

Synanthic is available in two presentations: 22.5 percent and 9.06 percent. The 22.5 percent presentation offers a low-dose option at 1 mL/110 lbs and the 9.06 percent presentation has a 2.5 mL/110 lbs dosage.

For more information on Synanthic, contact your veterinarian or your Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. representative.