Jan 21, 2011
by WLJ

Hay trailer tips to save time and money

—Load, haul and dump without ever leaving your truck or tractor.

One of the most exciting innovations on the farm scene in recent years is a trailer capable of loading, hauling, and dumping bales of hay up to 2,500 pounds all by itself, with only a truck or tractor to pull it.

The 2EZ Hay Hauler is the most advanced hauling system now on the market. Like many hay haulers, it features two rails running the full length of the trailer to support the hay. What’s unique is that these rails can descend under precise control to ground level, so you can back up your truck or tractor to slide the rails under the bale(s), one at a time, or several at once. As you load more bales at the back of the trailer, bales already on board slide forward until the trailer is full.

“Because you do all the loading and unloading from inside your cab,” says Bruce Byers, “the system is the fastest I’ve seen. It turns a two- or three-man job into a one-man job using only one vehicle.”

“From what people tell me, shoving bales onto a trailer with the truck in ‘park’ is bad for the transmission and u-joints,” advises Jerrod Latta. “Sliding the 2EZ trailer under the bales puts less pressure on expensive truck parts. Even on rough terrain, I’ve never had a problem.”

The system uses a “power up, gravity down” design, with massive hydraulic cylinders to lift the rails to traveling height. But they drop back down using only the force of gravity. An ingenious “lock out” system prevents any possible malfunction from dropping your hay before you’re ready. A separate “equalizer” valve ensures the rails rise as one, so your hay bales are always supported securely for cross-field hauling or long-distance delivery.

“I gather all my hay with it,” says Byers, “and use the same trailer for hauling, too. I feed with it in the wintertime. I just hook the tractor to it, and I can drop bales where I want them.”

Available with either a gooseneck or a bumper pull, the 2EZ trailer can collect up to six bales of hay, one at a time from wherever they sit, haul them miles over fields or roads, and then gently set them down—all at once in a stack, or one at a time, for feeding.

“Year-old or two-year-old hay has a flat spot,” points out Jim Herzog, “and any kind of flip trailer will make a new flat spot. That’s a waste, because cows won’t eat that and you wind up throwing it away.” Trailers like the 2EZ Hay Hauler and the HayRoll eliminate this waste by always setting bales down on their original groundside, no matter how many times you move them. Smart choices Today’s farmers and ranchers are under growing pressure to cut costs, save time, and work more efficiently in the face of difficult and demanding conditions. Fortunately, there is equipment on the market that has been designed and built to meet these specialized needs.

With any hay hauler, strength and reliability are paramount. Look for heavy duty materials, thick-walled steel tubes and flux-core welds—the strongest. You want simple overall designs, easy to operate mechanisms, and minimal hydraulics or other components that can fail or require too-frequent maintenance.

“I’m just a dumb farmer,” says Byers, of his 2EZ Hay Hauler, “but I can run one easy. At first, people lined up on the highway, watching me gathering hay with it. Now, practically everybody in a 30-mile radius around Mounds (Oklahoma) has one.”

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