Ludvigson, James recognized as Red Angus Personalities of the Year

Nov 5, 2010
by WLJ

Joan Ludvigson, Cushing, IA, and Joann James of Searsboro, IA, were recognized as the Red Angus Personalities of the Year at the National Red Angus Convention in Springfield, MO, Sept. 16-17. Kyle Gilchrist of Douds, IA, presented the award.

“These ladies have contributed to the breed not only through their breeding programs but through volunteer work, added enthusiasm and liveliness to the Red Angus events that they attend,” said Gilchrist. “As a young breeder from the Midwest, these two people inspired me to work harder at breeding cattle, to work harder at promoting the Red Angus breed, and to enjoy life a day at a time.”

Ludvigson and James have remained active in the breed despite the loss of their husbands, Lars Ludvigson and Rex James, years ago.

“This is our eleventh year of coming to the convention together and we love every minute of it,” said Ludvigson.

“It gives me great pleasure to know the people, see the improvements over the years, and to be a Red Angus breeder,” said James. — WLJ