Two cattlemen named as Red Angus Commercial Producer of the Year

Oct 29, 2010
by WLJ

Retiring Hoodoo Ranch manager George Brown was recognized with the 2010 Red Angus Commercial Producer of the Year Award.

Frank Wedel (left) presented Judy and John DeLong with the 2010 Red Angus Commercial Producer of the Year Award.

The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) bestowed the 2010 Commercial Producer of the Year Award to two outstanding cattlemen at the National Red Angus Convention in Springfield, MO, Sept. 16-17.

“Without our commercial producers, there’s no need for registered breeders,” said Myron Edelman, RAAA director of valueadded programs. “Producers on the commercial side of the beef business have the incredible talent of using the superior genetics seedstock suppliers produce to raise a quality beef animal.”

George Brown, Hoodoo Ranch

George Brown, the retiring manager of the Hoodoo Ranch, Cody, WY, has managed the cow herd since the late 1960s on the rugged hills and mountains between Cody and Yellowstone National Park.

From the early 1970s until 2000, Hoodoo’s cattle were registered Charolais. At that time, they started breeding their cattle to Red Angus bulls and found the crossbred cattle were more productive and efficient. They have used Red Angus bulls ever since and today, all 3,500 mother cows are sired by Red Angus bulls.

More than 1,500 head of Hoodoo steers were fed at Chapel Feedyard, Chapel, NE. They converted feed at less than 5.5 pounds of feed to 1 pound of gain. Three loads of cattle converted at a ratio of 4.8 to 1. The carcass data is also good, reaching over 90 percent Choice with very few Yield Grade 4s.

John and Judy DeLong, DeLong Ranch

John and Judy DeLong of Winnemucca, NV, represent the fifth generation of ranchers on the Black Rock Desert. Their son Will and his family are the fifth and sixth generations, respectively.

DeLongs have been buying Red Angus bulls for 20 years and they study EPDs as well as the cattle when making their purchasing decisions. Their diligence in purchasing quality bulls results in a superior end product that earned the DeLong Ranch the prestigious Red Angus GridMaster Award for four load lots in 2010.

In the tough, dry desert terrain, DeLongs estimate 200 acres of pasture to run one cow a year. They have improved this stocking rate from 300 acres per cow by implementing rotational grazing and other management practices.

“DeLong’s calves are the benchmark in that whole area,” said RAAA past president and seedstock supplier Frank Wedel of Leoti, KS. “When you go to the Winnemucca sale, folks ask, ‘What did John’s calves bring?’ Everyone’s success is measured by the price of DeLong’s calves.”

John was recently recognized with an American Quarter Horse Association award for 100,000 documented miles spent horseback in his lifetime. — WLJ