Jacobs honored with Red Angus Industry Service Award

Oct 29, 2010
by WLJ

Roger Jacobs of Billings, MT, was honored with the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) Industry Service Award at the National Red Angus Convention in Springfield, MO, Sept.

16-17. Clint Berry, commercial marketing director, presented the award to Jacobs.

Jacobs is an auctioneer for some of the breed’s most notable Red Angus programs in the northern tier. He also sells Red Angus feeder calves through Northern Livestock Video Auction’s sales.

“Roger is one of the strongest Red Angus promoters we’ve seen in the last decade,” said Berry. “His work to promote our breed through the terms he uses and the talks he gives from the auction block have opened avenues that have helped Red Angus breeders succeed on a level we are undeniably thankful for.”

Jacobs’ first Red Angus sale was for the late John Robbin’s Double Fork Ranch of Victor and Dillon, MT, over 20 years ago.

Jacobs could not attend the awards banquet, but sent his acceptance remarks via a video.

“Because of the leadership of the RAAA, your total herd reporting and the commonsense approach that most Red Angus breeders have to breeding cattle, Red Angus now has the most predictable product in the industry,” said Jacobs.

He added that RAAA and breeders have made it easy to emphasize the breed’s leadership role in the industry and to promote Red Angus cattle as one of the common denominators of the beef cattle business. — WLJ