Minnesota's TB status upgraded

Oct 8, 2010
by WLJ

Effective Oct. 1, 2010, the majority of Minnesota has been upgraded to bovine Tuberculosis (TB) Accredited-Free, and a small area in northwest Minnesota changed to Modified Accredited Advanced (MAA).

The state of Minnesota has been working with producers since 2005 to eliminate the disease from northwestern Minnesota and regain the state’s TB-Free Status.

Producers raising cattle in the Management Zone will continue the same testing, movement, and fencing requirements. However, this upgrade brings reductions in testing and movement requirements for the rest of the new MAA Zone. Farmers in this area that raise cattle or bison will see the following changes go into effect:

• No TB test required for feeder cattle leaving the herd (official ID still required); and

• An Animal Movement Certificate is not required for within-herd movement.

Those herds located in the TB-Free area have no federal TB testing requirements; however, some states may have import requirements. Producers should continue to verify import requirements with the receiving state prior to shipping animals out of state.

“The upgrades signify the achievement of one more step in our continuing effort to eradicate TB from Minnesota,” said state veterinarian and Minnesota Board of Animal Health Executive Director Bill Hartmann. “The Board of Animal Health, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources remain committed to continuing eradication efforts until the entire state of Minnesota regains its TB-Free Status and TB is not found in free ranging deer for five consecutive years.”

More information can be obtained by logging on to the state’s bovine TB website at www.mntbfree.com or by calling the bovine TB Hotline at 877/MN TB FREE (668 -2373). — WLJ