SALE reports

Sale Reports
Sep 24, 2010
by WLJ


SALE Sept. 15, Oakdale, CA 46 Bulls .................................$3,526 Auctioneer: Rick Machado
This is a sale that has been improving year after year ever since its inception. The breeders involved in this sale have been serious and dedicated to making it a sale that commercial cattlemen could depend on each year for solid, herd-improving Angus genetics. This year seemed like a goal-achieving sale. The seats at the Farmers Livestock Market were filled with ranchers looking for a good investment that would improve their herds and that is just what they found. Although this year’s offering was limited in numbers, the quality would stack up against any sale in the trade area. The breeders involved in this sale include Diamond Oak Cattle Co., Merced, CA, Gonsalves Ranch, Modesto, CA, Double M Ranch, Bothwell, UT, Medeiros Angus Farm, Paso Robles, CA, Flood Bros. Cattle, Oroville, CA, and Azevedo Livestock, Newman, CA. TOPS: Dmnd Oak Man Up 746-09, 2/20/09, by Sitz Upward 307R; to

Ray-Mar Ranch, Oakdale, CA, $6,000. Dmnd Oak Impress R233-09, 3/30/09, by Connealy Impression; to Ray-Mar Ranch, $5,200. Dmnd Oak Impress U537-09, 3/11/09, by Connealy Impression; to Leo Cozzitorto, Chowchilla, CA, $4,800. Dmnd Oak Impress Me 383-09, 3/23/09, by Connealy Impression; to Alice Carleton, Clovis, CA, $4,700. Dmnd Oak Look Upward 768-09, 2/24/09, by Sitz Upward 307R; to John Gurr, Merced, CA, $4,600. Gonsalves Rito 6I6 904B, 2/1/09, by Rito 6I6 of 4B20 6807; to Roy Richards, Merced, CA, $4,300.—JERRY YORK


SALE Sept. 11, Escalon, CA 118 Angus bulls ...................$3,966 24 Balancer bulls ...................3,270 Auctioneer: Rick Machado Sale Manager:

Matt Macfarlane Marketing Traditionally, this sale has always been a volume offering of Angus, Balancer and SimAngus bulls and, again this year, Ray and Brent Alger had a volume number of bulls on offer and the quality did not disappoint. Pen after pen of top-drawer Angus genetics were available. They were well presented, well conditioned and well received. Anytime you have a large number of bulls on offer, you are going to attract some big commercial outfits. That was certainly the case at this sale. The seats at the Escalon Livestock Market were filled to capacity with repeat buyers, new customers and reputation outfits all looking for bulls that will sire market-topping calves. This year’s bull offering was as strong a set of bulls as this firm has ever offered, with solid numbers and good looks and the buyers responded positively. Like most sales this fall, this was another rapid-fire, fastpaced selling event. There were 127 buyers registered from California, Oregon and Nevada. TOPS: R/M 004 Traveler 9J19, 1/22/09, by SAV 8180 Traveler 004; to Riverbend Ranch, Idaho Falls, ID, Deer Valley Farm, Fayetteville, TN, and Craigmore Farm, Schomberg, Ontario, Canada, 1/2 interest, $15,000. R/M Final Answer 9K01, 2/26/09, by SAV Final Answer 0035; to Todd York, Loyalton, CA, 2/3 interest, $6,000. R/M Total 9J49, 1/31/09, by TC Total 410; to C-I Angus, Santa Ynez, CA, 2/3 interest, $5,800. R/M In Focus 9J39, 1/27/09, by Mytty In Focus; to Anderson Angus, Ft. Blagg, CA, $5,800. R/M Foresight 9A47, 1/17/09, by Woodhill Foresight; to JG Angus, Petaluma, CA, $5,300. R/M Net Worth 9J41, 1/27/09, by SAV Net Worth 4200; to Luke Stevens, Point Reyes, CA, 2/3 interest, $5,100. R/M Predestined 9J74, 2/15/09, by GAR Predestined; to San Benito Cattle Co., Hollister, CA, 2/3 interest, $5,000. R/M In Focus 9J36, 1/25/09, by Mytty In Focus; to J/V Angus,

Winters, CA, 2/3 interest, $5,000. R/M In Focus 9J43, 1/27/09, by Mytty In Focus; to Joe Vargas, Gilroy, CA, $5,000. R/M Bextor 9J66, 2/12/09, by CRA Bextor 872 5205 608; to Todd York, $5,000. SimAngus/Balancer bulls: RMAR Predestined 9A59W, 1/20/09, by GAR Predestined; to Simmons Ranch, Bly, OR, $4,700. RMAR Shear Force 9C41W, 2/5/09, by Hooks Shear Force 38K; to Lee Ranches, San Jose, CA, $4,300. RMAR Kaboom 9P05W, 3/27/09, by R/M Kaboom 6E43; to Simmons Ranch, $3,900.—JERRY YORK

THE 14th ANNUAL HERITAGE BULL SALE Sept. 19, Wilton, CA 55 Bulls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,441 Auctioneer: John Rodgers Sale Manager:

Matt Macfarlane Marketing The Heritage Bull Sale has long been considered one of the preeminent production sales on the West Coast and, again this year, the seats were filled with a large contingent of repeat buyers and a healthy number of new buyers. The sale is hosted by 5 Star Land and Livestock, Mark, Abbie and Ryan Nelson and Bar R Angus, Craig and J. J. Reinhardt. These two herds complement each other very well and, when combined, they offer an excellent set of Angus bulls featuring up-to-date

genetics. This year, even though the number of bulls on offer was limited, the quality was very strong and many thought it to be their best yet. The sale was a fast-paced event with the entire offering selling to an enthusiastic crowd in just one hour. TOPS: Five Star 7043 All Star 9003, 3/11/09, by 44 All Star CF 619; Don Crum Angus, Alturas, CA, $8,500. Five Star 3087 Net Worth 9061, 9/3/09, by SAV Net Worth 4200; Duane Martin Livestock, Ione, CA, $7,100. Five Star 6139 Total 9016, 4/4/09, by TC Total 410; Hayes Bros., Lompoc, CA, $6,500. Bar R Final Answer 9101, 1/30/09, by SAV Final Answer 0035; Jim Traynham, Maxwell, CA, $6,300. B R Bell Answer 9094, 9/5/09, by SAV Final Answer 0035; Ironhouse Sanitation District, Oakley, CA, $5,500. Five Star 6032 Rt Time 9034, 5/6/09, by Five Star 8045 RT Time 5070; Hayes Bros., $5,200. Five Star 2102 Total 9023, 4/22/09, by TC Total 410; San Felipe Cattle Co., Hollister, CA, $5,200. Five Star 754 Cowboy 9010, 4/3/09, by B/R 65R Genesis; Flynn Cattle Co., Ducor, CA, $5,200. Bar R Final Answer 9105, 2/15/09, by SAV Final Answer 0035; Duane Martin Livestock, $5,100.—JERRY YORK


77 Angus bulls ....................$3,567 37 Older bulls ........................3,580 40 Fall yearlings ...................3,555 29 Angus females .................2,029 11 Pairs ..................................2,941 4 Bred cows ..........................1,725 5 Bred heifers ........................1,380 7 Open heifers ......................1,343 2 Open cows .........................1,650 Auctioneer: Rick Machado Sale Manager:

Parnell-Dickinson, Inc.

This was a powerhouse set of Angus bulls that were well conditioned and presented. The sale was held at Cattlemen’s Livestock Market and attracted a very large crowd of buyers. Demand was exceptional and bidding was rapid on this performance-filled offering. Each bull carried performance data along with genetic predictors for performance and carcass. This year’s sale attracted a large number of new buyers looking for predictable and dependable bulls. The female offering also attracted a lot of attention with strong demand. In addition to the excellent offering, some outstanding hospitality was afforded everyone who attended which included a wonderful catered Mexican fajita lunch and a Mariachi band following the sale, complete with dancing horses. A great sale for Adhemar Arellano and his family, this was a fun event to attend.

TOPS— Bulls: Bravo Dateline 9007, 3/15/09, by Vermilion Dateline7078; to Gob Davilla, San Deigo, CA, $5,300. Bravo Basin Max 9411, 9/11/09, by Basin Max 602C; to Duane Martin Livestock, Ione, CA, $5,100. Bravo Final Answer 9153, 8/16/09, by SAV Final Answer 0035; to Gilliland Livestock, Dixon, CA, $5,000. Bravo Max 9050, 4/1/09, by Basin Max 602C; to Duane Martin Livestock, $4,900. Females: Bravo Erica Dianna 8405, 1/3/08, by N Bar Emulation EXT, with her 8/12/10 heifer calf by Rockn D Ambush 1531; to J/V Angus, Winters, CA, $9,250. G Bar Pride 6154, 8/27/06, by Hyline Right Time 338, with her 9/3/10 bull calf by GAR Retail Product; to Rodriquez Farming, Isleton, CA, $2,700. G Bar Blackbird 6126, 8/15/06, by Vermilion Dateline 7078, with her 5/29/10 heifer calf by Bravo Right Time 7104; to Rodriquez Farming, $2,600. G Bar Lucy 6163, 8/31/06, by Connealy Timeline, with her 9/3/10 heifer calf by Hyline Right Time 338; to Rodriquez Farming, $2,600.—JERRY YORK

VINTAGE ANGUS RANCH 17th ANNUAL CARCASS MAKER BULL SALE Sept. 17, LaGrange, CA 154 Bulls ..............................$4,266 Auctioneers:

Rick Machado and John Rodgers

This sale offered the largest volume number of bulls so far this fall and the offering was very well received. This firm has always been at the forefront of the industry utilizing all of the new technology that comes their way. They were leaders in using and publishing information from ultrasound and have been a leader in the use of DNA to indentify superior traits in individuals. This year, the Vintage catalog was a plethora of information with individual performance data and EPDs along with $ Values. Also included were Pfizer DNA analysis values for birth, weaning, yearling, milk, ribeye and marbling. In addition, each bull had