Proven profit in first Shorthorn Great State Feedout

Sep 24, 2010
by WLJ

A positive fluctuation in the cattle market set the pace for the Great State Feedout (GSF) program implemented by the American Shorthorn Association (ASA) this past year. The GSF is designed to help members of ASA profit through retained ownership of steer progeny. Furthermore, it allows Shorthorn breeders to prove the carcass value of their cattle, let the commercial industry know what they have to sell, establish performance and carcass EPDs demanded by the industry, and finally, turn more dollars per head than in the past. The GSF fed 272 head of Shorthorn cattle from the states of Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, Washington and Ohio.

Feedlot locations include Beus Feedlot, Pasco, WA; Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity, Lewis, IA; and Hy- Plains Feedyard, Montezuma, KS.

The Shorthorns fed in the GSF exceeded all expectations and certainly proved that breeders should take a hard look at retaining ownership of their next weaning group. Profit gained from the GSF was the most signifi cant result. The average Shorthorn on feed brought in an additional $100 over and above feeder calf value, feed, yardage and all other inputs. The average backfat depth across the entire trial was 0.38 inches and the average ribeye area was recorded at 12.69 square inches. To add to their profitability, cattle were able to garner more premiums because of their ability to avoid discounts. ASA was happy to report that no cattle received a yield grade 4 or 5 and had an overall average USDA yield grade of 1.9 while still grading 72 percent Choice.

ASA is looking forward to hosting the program again this fall with an additional location at Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, PA. Also new this year, cattle enrolled in the GSF will be eligible to participate in the Shorthorn Verified program. Delivery dates for the Lewis, IA, location are fast approaching on Oct. 8-9. For more information, including new dates, features and guidelines of the Great State Feedout, visit or contact Jake Alden, ASA Field Services at 402/ 393-7200 or jake@shorthorn. org. — WLJ