New marketing Web tool launched

Aug 27, 2010
by WLJ

XF Enterprises, one of the largest ruminant nutrition consultant companies, has revolutionized the way cattlemen buy and sell cattle with its new website, www.OptimumTransition. com. Best of all, the information on the site and the use of its cattle listing service is free for everyone, XF customers and non-customers alike.

“I think this website and the opportunities it brings are fantastic,” says XF Enterprises President Dr. R. Hollis Klett. “Bringing cow/ calf producers and feedyards together has been a goal of this company for a long time and, with this program, we are able to do just that.”

Optimum Transition was designed as a conduit for connecting all sectors of the beef cattle production chain: cow/calf, stocker/backgrounder, pre-conditioner and feedyard operators. It also provides a system to document the nutrition, animal health and production practices of calves at each level of the production chain making it easier to age- and source-verify and market calves.

The cattle listing service on the site allows anyone at any level of the production chain to list his cattle for sale or search for cattle to purchase. Optimum Transi tion’s goal is to facilitate the one-on-one sale of cattle between seller and buyer. All financial transactions are between the seller and buyer, Optimum Transition just brings them together.

A distinct feature of this cattle listing service is that it is completely free for everyone, whether you’re buying one calf or 1,000. XF Enterprises can offer this service for free because it developed the technology and Web tools for its internal use to keep its suite of customers connected. XF Enterprises has simply opened this service to be utilized by the rest of the industry.

XF Enterprise customers, including about 2,500 cow/ calf operators and more than 150 feedyards, will automatically have the opportunity to sign up for Optimum Transition and then receive weekly e-mails with cattle listings. Interested buyers and sellers should sign up on the site and cattle can be listed for sale right away. How can you pass up a free opportunity to offer your cattle to potential buyers every week?

Log on to www.Opti or call 877/586-6711 and visit with Wes Klett, Chief Operating Officer, about this unique marketing opportunity today. — WLJ