Young producers help shape the future of the industry

Aug 6, 2010
by WLJ

Members of the National Catt l e m e n ’s Beef Association (NCBA) Young Producers’ Council (YPC) held their biannual business meeting during the NCBA Summer Conference. During the meeting, the group discussed initiatives for the 2011 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show to better serve the unique membership needs of young producers between the ages of 18 to 35.

“We want to create opportunities for our young members to grow in this organization,” said Andy Groseta, past president of NCBA, who attended the meeting. “This group represents the future of our industry and it is important that we offer them avenues to gain a better understanding of our association and their impact on its future.”

In addition to discussing plans for upcoming meetings and opportunities for leadership development, YPC members continued developing several social media programs that they are using to promote their group and the cattle industry in general. Policy issues, including the USDA Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration’s proposed rule on livestock marketing, were also key points for discussion.

“Our board of directors and committee leaders are made up of young producers from across the country who represent a diverse cross-section of today’s industry,” said Ben Spitzer, YPC chairman. “We’ve got everything from an attorney based in New York specializing in agricultural law to members who have returned to production agriculture and are raising cattle on farms and ranches throughout the country. The issues that are addressed and the decisions made during Summer Conference will impact our future. Therefore, it’s critical that members of YPC continue to stay active and engaged in this association.”

YPC was established during the 2008 Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Denver and was initiated to help NCBA members ages 18 to 35 develop their leadership skills and become more involved in NCBA policy development. The group also helps provide networking opportunities, continuing education and professional development activities to its members.

“YPC was established to help younger producers gain more effective leadership skills and to give them an opportunity to become involved in NCBA,” said Spitzer. “This is our chance as young members to learn about the grass roots workings of NCBA from the ground up and gain valuable experiences that will benefit our industry and the association in the future.”

Membership in the council is free to current NCBA members. For more information, become a fan of YPC on Facebook or visit — WLJ