Idaho Beef Council elects officers

Jul 9, 2010
by WLJ

Idaho beef producers Laurie Lickley, Jerome, ID, Brenda Richards, Murphy, ID, and Jay Theiler, Boise, ID were named to leadership positions at the June 1-2, 2010, Idaho Beef Council (IBC) meeting in Boise, ID, at the Idaho State Department of Agriculture. Lickley, Richards and Theiler are volunteer leaders and will hold these positions for fiscal year 2011. Their responsibilities include setting IBC’s priorities and providing direction for the spending of Idaho checkoff dollars in order to maintain and build consumer demand for beef through support of integrated state, national and international programs.

Lickley, elected chairman of IBC, is a rancher and represents cow/calf producers.

Richards, elected vice-chairman, is a rancher and represents cow/calf producers.

Theiler, elected secretary/ treasurer, is a feeder and represents feeders.

IBC also welcomes Judy Woodie to the IBC Board of Directors. Woodie is a cow/ calf and Idaho Cattlewomen Council representative out of Emmett, ID, and will replace Kim Brackett of Castleford, ID, who was also a cow/calf and Cattlewoman representative. Brackett had served as IBC chairman, vice chairman, and secretary/treasurer during her six-year tenure as an IBC director.

The IBC Board of Directors is an eight-member board with representatives from the cow/calf industry, dairy industry, feeder industry and Idaho’s auction markets. These representatives are peer nominated and governor appointed and serve three-year terms.

IBC was created in 1967 by the Idaho Legislature as a marketing organization for the Idaho beef industry and to support a national beef marketing effort. As a qualified state beef council under the Beef Promotion and Research Act, IBC is responsible for collecting the $1.50 per-head checkoff on all cattle marketed in Idaho and distributing funds to state and national programs for the promotion of beef.

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