WCA applauds dismissal of stockwater case

Apr 19, 2010
by WLJ

On Friday, April 2, in Franklin County, WA, Carie Runge, superior court judge, dismissed the stockwater case that was brought against the Department of Ecology and Easterday Ranches, Inc.

Washington Cattlemen’s Association (WCA) Executive Vice President Jack Field said, “This is an excellent ruling that reaffirms the 1945 statute that stockwater is exempt from permitting requirements and does not have a volumetric limitation.”

Judge Runge stated that the statute was “clear and unambiguous,” and this statement was wildly embraced by the entire livestock industry.

WCA President Dick Coon was in the courtroom when the case was dismissed. “I am extremely pleased with this outcome, not only for Easterday Ranches but, more importantly, for the entire livestock industry!” Field said, “This ruling will have a positive impact on the livestock industry thus allowing us to prosper and contribute to the state’s economy.”

Coon continued to say, “I’m extremely pleased with this ruling, especially in today’s current economic climate. This ruling will allow thousands of ranch families to stay in business here in Washington state, thus being able to compete in local and global marketplace.”

Field says, “On behalf of the WCA executive board, we’d like to thank every cattleman that made donations to the WCA intervention in this case. Without your donations, this wouldn’t have been possible.” — WLJ