SALE reports

Mar 19, 2010
by WLJ

John and Mara Moores, Nine Mile Creek Ranch, Douglas, WY, represented their families at the Snyder Bros. Angus 44th Annual Bull Sale in Ogallala, NE, by buying two bulls. — Photo by Jim Gies

LUCKY 7 ANGUS March 6, Riverton, WY 201 Two’s and summer yearlings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,750 41 Yearling bulls. . . . . . . . . . . 3,440 Auctioneer: Warren Thompson

Jim and Jamie Jensen held their 11th annual sale this spring, seeing strong demand for this reputation “Cowboy Bulls” program. These bulls are developed tough as rocks and have strong performance in high-altitude short grass country. They PAP test at over 7,000 feet. The bulls sold to ranches from throughout the Rocky Mountain area, many to longtime customers.

TOPS: Lucky 7 Direction 8118, 7/15/08, by Morgans Direction 111 9901; to Dunmire Ranch Co., Mc- Fadden, WY, $13,000. Lucky 7 Patriot 831, 1/31/08, by ER Patriot P058; to Litton-Isenbeger Ranch, Gillette, WY, $10,500. Lucky 7 Patriot 888, 3/29/08, by ER Patriot P058; to Litton-Isenbeger Ranch, $10,500. Lucky 7 Right Time 885, 4/5/08, by Hyline Right Time 583; to Dunmire Ranch Co., $9,000. De- Grand 8380 I87, 3/20/08, by KMK Alliance 6595 I87; to Dunmire Ranch Co., $7,500. — JERRY GLIKO

Shane and Karen Keller, Keller Ranch, Valentine, NE, added a couple of top bulls at the Triple B Angus/Knoll Ranch production sale. — Photo by Jim Gies

Cocky Lil Colonel, the Non-Pro Snaffle Bit/Hackamore Champion at the Winnemucca Ranch Horse Sale, Winnemucca, NV, is shown with the consignor Ryan Markham, Bruneau, ID, and Jim Calhoun Jr., Weatherford, TX, who purchased the horse for $12,000. — Photo by Jerry York

Jose Villagrana, Roaring Springs Ranch, French Glen, OR, attended the Romans Ranches Charolais sale, Vale, OR, and purchased bulls for this reputation ranch. — Photo by Jerry York

COOPER HEREFORD RANCH March 19, Willow Creek, MT 78 Yearling bulls. . . . . . . . . .$6,683 15 Yearling heifers . . . . . . . . . 2,950 Auctioneer: Joe Goggins This was the 44 th annual sale for ths reputation firm and the strong demand resulted in one of the highest averages ever. Breeders and commercial operations from across the country bid strongly on these power ful

yearlings. This linebred program, known throughout the industry for its consistent performance, is unequaled and was one of the original performance-tested herds started over 50 years ago. The yearling bulls pack excellent growth, EPD spread, carcass value and as strong maternal as you get. TOPS: CL1 Domino 955W, 1/6/09, by CL1 Domino 637T 1ET; to Churchill Cattle Co., Manhattan, MT, Hoffman Herefords, Thedford, NE, W4 Ranch, Morgan, TX, $27,000. CL1 Domino 994W, 1/10/09, by CL1

Shireen Murphy, Klamath Falls, OR, veterinarian for Steve Runnels, Fort Rock, OR, attended the Buchanan Angus Ranch sale, Klamath Falls, OR. Runnels was a volume buyer at this successful sale. — Photo by Jerry York

Domino 637S 1ET; to Jim Carr, Springview, NE, $27,000. CL1 Domino 929W, 1/3/09, by CL1 Domino 637S 1ET; to Donny Gillespe, Wymark, Sask., $25,000. CL1 Domino 9105W, 1/13/09, by CL1 Domino 637S 1ET; to Gino Pedretti, El Nino, CA, and David Pump, Two Dot, MT, $22,500. CL1 Domino 993W, 1/10/09, by CL1 Domino 637S 1ET; to Bobby Edgar, Blanket, TX, $21,000. — JER- RY GLIKO SITZ ANGUS RANCH March 10, Dillon, MT 297 Bulls. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$4,220

6 Broke horses. . . . . . . . . . . . 3,667 Auctioneer: Joe Goggins The highly regarded Sitz Angus program saw really strong, steady demand for this year’s spring sale held at the Dillon unit. This operation has been breeding Angus for 87 years, consistently selecting for practical maternal and performance traits. This program is known for the breed-leading genetics they consistently produce. This year’s offering was more consistent than ever for type, correct structure, balanced performance and, Continued on page 14