John Rohner elected president of All West/Select Sires

Mar 19, 2010
by WLJ

At the 69th annual meeting of the board of directors of the west’s most successful A.I. cooperative, held Feb. 26-27, 2010, in Portland, OR, John Rohner of Baker, OR, was elected president of the executive board for the All West/Select Sires cooperative.

Since 1941, All West/Select Sires has provided West Coast beef and dairy producers elite bovine genetics from the world’s best bulls of the breed. The farmer-owned cooperative has been extremely successful and has returned substantial patronage dividends to members for many years. In 2009, a record $1.8 million was returned to members in the form of patronage.

Rohner was born and raised on his present farm just outside Baker. For many years, he and his wife Kate operated a state-of-the-art dairy. The Rohners recently converted to a beef operation.

Rohner has been a life long supporter of the All West cooperative and has served as a director representing his area since 1990. He has served on the executive board since 1998 and for the past two years, has served as vicepresident. Rohner’s exceptional leadership ability made him an excellent choice to lead the cooperative at this time. — WLJ