Mar 12, 2010
by WLJ

Genex to market Pfizer HD 50K

Genex Cooperative, Inc. is marketing Pfizer Animal Genetics’ High-Density (HD) 50K genomic test for beef cattle. The HD 50K test, initially available only to Angus producers, is the first commercially available test analyzing an HD panel of more than 50,000 DNA markers.

From the test, genomic predictions are generated for 13 traits along with the beef industry’s first DNA-based economic index. Molecular Value Predictions (MVPS) are available for economically important traits not available as expected progeny differences (EPDs), like average daily gain, dry matter intake, net feed intake and tenderness, as well as many that complement EPDs. In addition, a one-time DNA sample submission provides the opportunity for ongoing access to future MVPs and technology advancements.

The test is offered to Genex members and customers at a price of $139 per animal when testing less than 25 animals, $129 per animal when testing 25-99 animals, and $124 per animal when testing more than 100.

Contact your local Genex representative or call 888/333-1783 to obtain a test kit. — WLJ