TEST reports

Mar 12, 2010
by WLJ

MIDLAND BULL TEST 70-Day Efficiency Test

Midland Bull Test weighed off 566 Angus, Red Angus, Gelbvieh and Braunvieh bulls from the first 70-day Efficiency Test on December 19, 2009.

Below are the leaders of each breed in the relative feed intake (RFI) and feed conversion ratio (FCR; or feedto-gain) categories. Please keep in mind, FCR does not take body weight into consideration in the calculation, but body weight is needed to calculate RFI.

ANGUS—RFI: Leading the An- gus RFI category with a -5.11 score and 126 RFI index is Lot 59. This Basin Yellowstone R178 son is con- signed by Pioneer Angus Ranch, Hay, WA. Lot 59 had a DMI of 17 lbs. Sec- ond place goes to Lot 313 of Marda Angus Farm, Lodi, WI. This B/R New Frontier 095 sired bull had an RFI of -4.44 and a 123 RFI index with a DMI of 16. Not far behind is Lot 316, a Kes- slers In Focus S162 son, taking the third place hole with a -4.19 RFI, sitting at a 122 RFI index. Feasenhiser An- gus, Fruitland, ID, consigned this lot with a DMI of 14. In fourth is Lot 211, sired by SAV Bismarck 5682 and owned by Blue Stone Farms of Blue Mound, IL. Lot 211 boasted a -3.94 RFI, indexing at 120, with a DMI of 19. In fifth is Lot 110, a Connealy Lead On son, with a -3.73 RFI, indexing at 119. With a DMI of 17, this bull is owned by Packard Angus of Brownsville, OR. Sixth place went to Lot 267 of Whites- tone Farms, Aldie, VA. Sired by BT Crossover 758N, Lot 267 indexed at 118 with a -3.57 RFI, and a DMI of 18.

In seventh place with an RFI of -3.19 and a DMI of 21 is Lot 249, a Daveys 008-004-642 son consigned by Wright Way Angus of St. John, WA. In a close eighth place, with an RFI index of 116 and an RFI value of -3.16, is Lot 198. This son of Baldridge Navigator N5 had a DMI of 17. He is consigned by Sundberg Farms of Mendota, IL. In ninth place with -3.05 RFI is a consignment of Clear View Genetics, Raymond, OH. Lot 217 is sired by FV 20K King 308M. Pioneer Angus Ranch owns Lot 58, the tenth placing bull. This son of Basin Yellowstone had a -2.85 RFI, indexing at 115 with 18 DMI.

ANGUS—FCR: Heading up the Angus high feed conversion ratio (FCR) category in the 1,200 lb. division is Lot 249, consigned by Wright Way Angus, St. John, WA. This Daveys 008-004- 642 son had an FCR of 4.9 on a high roughage ration. Next, weighing in at just over 1,200 lbs. with an FCR of 5.1 is Lot 211, sired by SAV Bismarck 5682 of Blue Stone Farms, Blue Mound, IL. Leading the 1,100 lb. FCR category is Lot 50 with an FCR of 4.9. This DCC Rito Prime 1I5 son is owned by 7X Ranches of Lingle, WY. Placing second in the 1,100 lb. category is Lot 324 of Dutch Flat Angus, Pomeroy, WA. This son of Connealy Lead On had an FCR of 5.1. In front of the 1,000 lb. division is a B/R New Frontier 095 son owned by Marda Angus Ranch, Lodi, WI. Lot 313 had a 4.9 FCR. A close second, at 1,030 lbs., is Lot 114. Owned by Packard Angus of Brownsville, OR, and sired by ALC Nobleman N01N, Lot 114 had an FCR of 5.0. In the 900 lb. division, Lot 198 was at the top converting 4.9 lbs. of feed per lb. of gain. This Baldridge Navigator N5 son is owned by Sundberg Farms, Mendota, IL. Second in the 900 lb. category with an FCR of 5.33 is Lot 171, owned by Harrison Angus Ranch, Boyd, MT, and sired by SAV Final Answer 0035. Weighing in at 830 lbs., Lot 55 takes the lead in the 800 lb. division with an FCR of 4.8. Lot 55 is and a 112 RFI index. Lot 1241 is a DCC Rito Prime 1I5 son owned by consigned by M Heart D Gelbvieh of 7X Ranches, Lingle, WY. Following in Stevensville, MT. Lot 1235, sired by second in this weight division is Lot VA 24J 4091, is in the third place slot 322 with a 5.0 FCR. Lot 322 is con- with a -1.84 RFI, a 110 index, and a signed by Riverside Angus, Osceola, DMI of19. In fourth is Lot 1226, a JBOB NE, and sired by SAF Focus of ER. Carolina Fortune 2564 son owned by RED ANGUS—RFI: Leading the Red Middle Creek Farms of Bozeman, MT Angus RFI category by a relatively with a -1.83 RFI, a 110 RFI index and large margin with a -5.54 RFI score a DMI of 19. Rounding out the top five and 130 RFI index is Lot 873. This is Lot 1207, a son of EGL New Era Lorenzen Julian 3811 son is con- UT128 ET, with an RFI of -1.73, an RFI signed by Knaub Cattle Co. of Lodge index of 109 and a DMI intake of 14. Grass, MT. Lot 873 had a DMI of 12 Lot 1207 is consigned by Arp Gelbvieh lb/d. Second place goes to Lot 850, of Arlington, WI.

GELBVIEH—FCR: also of Knaub Cattle Co. This Loosli Heading up the Gelbvieh high feed Mimi 718 sired bull had an RFI of -4.0 conversion category in the 1,100 lb. and a 122 RFI index while holding division is Lot 1243. This MCFG MCF steady with a DMI of 17. In third place Bruce Almighty 35P son, owned by M is Lot 939 with a118 RFI index, a -3.22 Heart D, had an FCR of 5.4. Lot 1220, RFI and a DMI of 13. In fourth place also sired by MCFG MCF Bruce Al- is Lot 937 with a117 RFI index, a -3.1 mighty 35P, but owned by Middle RFI and a 16 DMI. Klompien Red Creek Farms, is in the top slot in the Angus consigned lots 939 and 937 1,000 lb. division. Lot 1220 had an and both are sons of DKK Priority R07. FCR of 5.4. Lot 1200 tops the 900 lb. In fifth is a consignment from West feed:gain division with a 5.5 FCR. Fork Ranch, Lovell, WY. Lot 830, sired Sired by KIT Urlacher M28 ET, Lot by Glacier Chateau 744, boasted a 1210 is owned by Russell Family -3.0 RFI and indexed at 116 with a DMI Livestock of Brooklyn, WI. Weighing of 18. In sixth is Lot 814, a 5L Lumber- in at 880 lbs., Lot 1212 leads the 800 jack 587-5814 son owned by Lauten- lb. category with an FCR of 5.0. This schlager & Sons of Endicott, WA. Lot son of DAR National 302N is con- 814 had a -2.64 RFI and a 114.2 RFI signed by NN Bar Ranch of Creston, index. Following close behind in sev- WA.

BRAUNVIEH—RFI: Lot 1460 enth place is Lot 856, sired by Basin took top honors in the Braunvieh cat- Trend Setter 6074 with an index of egory with a -2.59 RFI and a 116 RFI 114, a -2.61 RFI and DMI of 17. In index. This MHF Genesis T737 (NC) eighth place, with an RFI index of 113 ET son had a DMI of 14. Lot 1460 is and an RFI value of -2.52 is Lot 926. consigned by Mystic Hill Farm, Cul- This son of 5L Norseman King 2291, pepper, VA. A Mr. RFI 507 son took another Klompien Red Angus con- second with a -1.56 RFI and a 110 RFI signment, had a DMI of 17. index. Lot 1470 is consigned by Bear Heading up the Red Ranch LLC of Somerset, CO. Lot Angus high feed conversion category 1484, sired by AAA Woodring’s Rang- in the 1,000 lb. division is Lot 935, er 11R, is in the third place slot with a consigned by Klompien Red Angus. -1.49 RFI, a 109 index, and DMI of 18. This Leachman Grand Canyon 1244G Rounding out the top four slots is Lot son had an FCR of 5.5 on a high 1456, an MHF Prophet P416 (NC) son roughage ration. Leading the 900 lb. owned by Mystic Hill Farm, with a FCR category is Lot 806 with an FCR -1.39 RFI, a 108 RFI index and a DMI of 5.0. This 5L Signature 5615 son is of 19.

BRAUNVIEH—FCR: Leading owned by Lautenschlager & Sons. In the Braunvieh high feed conversion front of the 800 lb. division with an FCR category is Lot 1484. This AAA Woo- of 4.6 is a Lorenzen Julian 3811 son dring’s Ranger 11R son, owned by J owned by Knaub Cattle Co. Leading Bar Braunvieh of Hedley, TX, had an the 700 lb. category, weighing in at 797 FCR of 5.3 on a high roughage ration. lbs., is Lot 939 of Klompien Red An- Lot 1471, sired by McBeef 6580 and gus. This DKK Priority R07 son had owned by Bear Ranch LLC, is in an FCR of 5.03.

GELBVIEH—RFI: Lot second with a 5.7 FCR. Lot 1483 had 1212 took top honors in the Gelbvieh an FCR of 5.8 and is in third. This category with a -3.29 RFI and a 118 consignment is owned by J Bar Braun- RFI index. This DAR National 302N vieh and sired AAA Woodring’s Rang- son had a DMI of 14. Lot 1212 is er 11R. Finishing off the fourth place consigned by NN Bar Ranch of Cres- position is Lot 1463 with a 6.0 FCR. ton, WA. An Elk Creek Crazy Horse Sired by MHF Bushwacker O715, Lot 138P son took second with a -2.18 RFI 1463 is owned by Mystic Hill Farm.