Mar 5, 2010
by WLJ

No friend of cattlemen

Dear Editor, Ever since reading my Feb. 15 edition of WLJ and the front page article about water in the Central Valley, it has been bothering me about your labeling Rep. Jim Costa as a Republican. Rep. Costa is a Democrat and certainly no friend to us cattlemen in Fresno County. As a Republican, cattleman and member of the Central Valley Tea Party, I am asking you to correct your error so he will not have any advantage among the voters in the upcoming election in November. Reps. Nunes and McClintock, both Republicans, know well that Jim Costa is no friend of agriculture in Fresno County when it comes to water. Any bill he proposes needs to be critically examined for a hidden agenda. Farmers, like cattlemen, can’t wait for long term solutions when their livelihood is threatened with extinction today.

Tom Connors

P.O.Box 405 Prather, CA 93651

[Editor’s note: Mr. Connors is correct. The story incorrectly stated that Rep. Costa is a Republican when, in fact, he is a Democrat who has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2004.]