LLBs Coakley named Limousin Promoter of the Year

Feb 19, 2010
by WLJ

The North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) presented its Limousin Promoter of the Year award to Scott Coakley, vice president of cattle procurement for Laura’s Lean Beef Co. (LLB), during the National Western Stock Show Limousin pen and carload shows Jan. 13 in Denver, CO. The award goes to someone in allied industry who has advanced the Limousin breed through marketing, education or research.

Coakley has been involved in ranching and cattle finishing since his youth and continues to study market trends, harvest technologies, carcass quality and meat processing. He has 20 years of experience qualifying cattle for specific natural programs. He has traveled North America to procure cattle for specialty markets and to develop continuing-education programs to help beef producers understand and use feed supplements, genomic information and animal-welfare guidelines.

LLB is North America’s largest supplier of naturally lean, branded beef. It long has been a major buyer for muscular, lean, Limousininfluenced calves. It recently began promoting one version of the Lim-Flex movement to create a significant new source of F1 red Limousin– Red Angus cattle to share with its corporate partner, Meyer Natural Angus (MNA).

The companies intend to promote heterosis in the natural beef industry to increase those products’ availability and affordability. They then will use DNA testing to predict tenderness, marbling and ribeye size to improve packer and producer profitability.

Coakley has been instrumental in developing that program for LLB and MNA while fostering a positive working relationship with NALF to create “pull-through” demand for Limousin-influenced cattle.

“Scott has strengthened an already-solid relationship between users of Limousin genetics and one of the nation’s leading all-natural beef companies,” said Frank Padilla, former director of member and commercial relations for NALF. “His dedication and foresight have created winwin situations for the organization, its members and their customers.” — WLJ