Dec 18, 2009
by WLJ

Save one bale for every 20 you feed with the WW HaySaver

Wasted hay equals wasted money and as hay prices continue to rise each year, hay waste continues to steal a bigger and bigger chunk out of bottom line profits. To help producers tackle this growing problem, WW Livestock Systems has developed the HaySaver, a cone-style round bale feeder that saves one round bale for every 20 fed.

The HaySaver’s functionality is a credit to its unique design and superior manufacturing. Ranch tested and approved, it features rust-resistant material, bale suspension and self-centering.

Because the bale will automatically center itself within the feeder, cattle are allowed easy access from all directions while the unique bale suspension design eliminates waste, spoilage and contamination common with traditional on-the-ground bale feeders. As with all WW Livestock Systems products, the HaySaver is protected by a one-year warranty.

Start reducing wasted hay today. Call WW Livestock at 800/999-1214 or contact a WW Livestock distributor near you to purchase the HaySaver feeder. For more information, visit — WLJ