Trinity Farms helps educate meat retailers

Dec 18, 2009
by WLJ

Washington Angus Association President Mike Forman and his wife, Paulette, president of the Kittitas County Cattlewoman’s Association, recently welcomed approximately 70 QFC staffers—including meat department managers, merchandisers and directors—to Trinity Farms.

“Before they visited the ranch, they had no idea of what we did at our level to produce quality Angus beef. We discussed all the steps we have to go through so that they have a quality product to sell. They were really surprised at everything we did,” said Paulette.

Trinity Farms is well known for their sciencebased and good-sense-based breeding programs and the production of high yield cattle.

The day was sponsored by the Certified Angus Beef brand, which is featured at QFC stores across western Washington and northwest Oregon. Beef must meet 10 strict scientific specifications in order to earn the brand name; less than 8 percent of all beef is good enough to qualify.

“Being able to make a connection with a family like the Formans gave us a renewed sense of responsibility,” Oscar Blaser, senior director of meat and seafood for QFC, noted. “It really helped us remember that beef doesn’t just come out of a box. These cattle come from real farms, and are raised by families that work hard every single day. And that, in turn, makes our job possible.”

The experience was just as valuable for the Forman family, said Robb Forman, Mike and Paulette’s son, who spoke to the QFC group.

“It was such a great opportunity for us to share what we do in production agriculture with those who are in contact with consumers,” said Forman. “To be able to see those ‘light bulb’ moments, from people who haven’t seen much of this side of the industry, was really an honor.”

Many of the meat managers had never been on a working ranch before. And while they are very familiar with the consumer side of the meat business, they were very unfamiliar with the sophisticated genetics programs, feedlot management, and the other complex aspects of today’s successful Angus cattle operation.

Also participating were some of Washington state’s “beef elite,” including Patti Brumbach, executive director of the Washington State Beef Commission; Rob Noel, director of promotions, Washington State Beef Commission; Rod Wesselman, Northwest regional manager, American Angus Association; and Jack Field, executive vice president of the Washington Cattlemen’s Association.

To learn more about Trinity Farms or their auction, visit www.TrinityFarms. info. — WLJ