American Akaushi Association selects genomics service provider

Dec 11, 2009
by WLJ

The American Akaushi Association of Yoakum, TX, recently selected BeefTek, Inc. of Montana as its sole provider for DNA and genomics technology. Dr. Antonio Calles, the original importer of the Akaushi breed and president of HeartBrand Beef, Inc., said, “After extensive research and test runs with other companies, we found that not only was BeefTek the low-cost DNA service provider, they also had the world’s largest database and the ability and willingness to stack trait analyses like no one else.”

The Akaushi (Japanese Red) are direct descendants of the Mount Aso region’s revered Akaushi herds. They are used in Japan for their famous high marbling and tender beef. The Akaushi have comparable average daily gain and feed conversion to that of the most pro ductive

Angus or Hereford cattle. A recent set of Akaushi X Brangus cross steers were slaughtered at less than 18 months of age, had a cost of gain in the mid-$60s, went 100 percent Choice or better, with 20.5 percent grading Prime. The average dressing percentage was 64.23 percent with an average Yield Grade of 3.06.

Back in 1994, three bulls and eight female Akaushi were imported to the U.S. from Japan. Today, the cattle number in the thousands. BeefTek was originally founded as a cattle investment group, but as demand for a low-cost, but affective DNA analysis solution grew, so too did the services offered by BeefTek. BeefTek offers several marketing and services options for the producer to choose from.

Option 1—BeefTek will actually pay the producer to take the DNA sample. Beef- Tek will bear all costs associated with the analysis process, provide all genomics analysis (Molecular Genetic Value – MGV) back to the producer and assist in the interpretation, given the producer provides BeefTek with the first right of refusal on the calf crop. Calves will be priced at a premium based on their MGV.

Option 2—BeefTek will partner with the cattle producer sharing costs and premiums in a structured retained ownership package through BeefTek preferred feed yards. Cattle will be targeting specialty markets through LMS LLC.

Option 3—BeefTek will provide the beef producer with DNA analysis and interpretation services for a minor percentage of the end value of the animals at the slaughter. BeefTek will assist in the sorting, selection, feeding and/or marketing of the animals either through their system or through your current service providers.

Option 4—BeefTek will provide DNA analysis services at the lowest cost in the industry and with the most predictable results. The producer can utilize the results as he sees fit, with or without the consulting assistance of BeefTek.

For more information on the American Akaushi Association and/or their cattle, please contact their executive director, Bubba Bain, at 877/252-8744, or visit them on the Web at www.ameri For information on BeefTek and its services, please contact Tom Hogan at 406/ 672-0670. — WLJ